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Published On: Fri, Jul 19th, 2019
CRIME | By new

Zamfara: Repentant bandits express regret over killings

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From brahim Sidi Muh’d, Gusau


Nembers of the dreaded armed bandits who repented haven complied with the Zamfara State Government and Police Initiative for Reconciliation have expressed their sincere regret over killings and kidnappings of innocent people.

This is even as they sought Almighty God’s forgiveness claiming they engaged in the dastardly acts out of ignorance.

In an interview with Lawali Buba and a close associate who simply identified self as Dan Boka, they assured dropping their arms to embrace peace, adding that, they were convinced by the efforts initiated by the present Bello Muhammad Matawalle-led administration out of which they learnt that, adequate security will be given to protect the lives and property of Fulani herdsmen across the state.

According to Dan Boka, who is also one of the closed lieutenants to one of the notorious bandits’ commanders, the state Commissioner of Police invited them through their leaders and assured them of guaranteed security should they agree to drop firearms and stop attacking innocent communities in the name of the so-called reprisals.

“Let me tell you the real genesis of all these crisis, we happened to lost our beloved fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and other blood relatives to the groups of ‘Yansakai in the name of the so-called ‘Operation Fish out Thieves/Armed robbers illegally carried out across Fulani settlements in the state.

“We do not steal because we are rich enough to feed others, we work on our farms, and after harvest, we embark on rearing, we left behind what to eat enough for our families. Just then, ‘Yansakai launched an attacks on our settlements killing anybody left home to take care of weaker ones such old men and women, sometimes even children were not spared.

“And for those who delayed leaving for cattle rearing, the’Yansakai would rustle their cows after killing them. Following this filthy development, we decided to arise to fight back before they finish us all, we were denied going to attend markets and pastoral activities in the cities”, Dan Boka narrated.

The repentant bandits expressed fear of being misled by Satan as according to them explained that, Fulanis were also forced to carry weapons by selfishness and unpatriotic roles played by some politians who in the first instance allocated grazing reserves to their loyal followers who politically worked for either for their victories during elections gained positions.

Speaking with Jabbe, a.k.a Mai Aradu, one of the notorious follower of neutralized Buharin Daji claimed that, “I am 64 years now, and was eventually engaged in long distanced cattle rearing by my late father when I was just 9 years old. We had to walked from Zamfara forest through parts of old Kaduna state, now Katsina, through Kano, Jigawa, Bauchi down to parts of Adamawa up to Cameroon or Chad.

“There was nothing obstacle at then apart from attacks from wild animals which we sometimes killed and used as meals, but nothing like roads terminations in the grazing reserves by illegal farmers since the laws enforcing forest demarcations were fully functional until when law violators began to becoming heads of governments”, Mai Aradu has narrated.

He further informed that, their teeming relatives who fled the state for their safety will now come back following assurance given by the state government and security agencies, “We were assured of recovering our devastated villages and farms, and that, the state government has promised to provide them with all needed to comfort their living.

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  1. Media propaganda based on falsehood does not win wars. Reality on ground win wars. Reality on ground are not hidden. 215 years fulani bandits from Guinea hijacked Political Autonomy, Resource Control of this territory natives via the fraud nickname fulani caliphate with its emirates, has come to an end with the Sword in this 2019 in the ongoing Revolution War against fulani bandits from Guinea. Only the Sword decides. God Is With Us!!!

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