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Published On: Thu, Jun 5th, 2014

Young generation united, will fight division with social media- Youth delegate

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By Hassan Haruna Ginsau

A youth delegate at the on-going National conference has warned Nigeria’s older generation that the country’s young generation is united, and any talk of Nigeria’s break up shall be fought with social media.

During her address on deliberations on the conference’s committee on science and technology, Yadomah Bukar Mandara, representing youth organisations informed delegates that Nigeria’s youth were strongly united by social media sites such as twitter.

Mandara commended the committee for bringing the issue of social media up, noting that we had left the era of “gongs and town crying”, and were now in the era of “tweets and instant messaging”.

“This generation is so united that we can communicate with each other by just the click of a button. We want to tell the previous generation that we the upcoming generation are so united. Make no mistake about it or bring the issue of dividing Nigeria because we can use the power of technology to fight you” said Mandara.

In addition to the committee’s recommendations, she proposed an amendment aimed at improving National unity because of the importance of social media especially to the younger generation.

Mandara also made an intervention on the issue of innovation, noting that we have graduates in Nigeria and people that were well versed in terms of Information Technology (IT), but these young people are not recognised.

“Nigeria is a country that imports something as mediocre as toothpicks and we have people that can produce robots and they’re not even recognised. So I’m suggesting that we should have something like a development fund so we can give young people soft loans to encourage such innovators, graduates, undergraduates and even those who do not have formal education to benefit from this” she added.


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