Young advocate of peace tasks children, parents on tolerance

A young peace and care advocate, Miss Gift Olisa has called on fellow children to rise as leaders of tomorrow and be in the forefront of the movement for peace and sanctity of lives in the society.

She said a new Nigeria where love, tolerance, justice reign would be possible if majority of children begin to spread the message of love and peace right from their schools and homes to all especially parents and other relations.

According to her, “as future leaders, we can make peace, development and collective happiness possible if we support our leaders in their genuine efforts to reposition our country and make our tomorrow better.”

Little miss Olisa, who spoke at an occasion to mark her 9th birthday in Wuse 2, Abuja, recently, also called for more assistance for orphans and widows especially the victims of insurgency in the country.

“As a child still growing up, I wish to state with emphasis that I am proud to be a Nigerian. I believe that God has a purpose for creating us and bringing us together as one people.

“As a country, we are a diverse people made up of different ethnic, religious and cultural groups. But these diverse qualities are the things that should make us stronger and more beautiful rather than weak and divided us.

“Together with our parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, we, the children of today can make a more peaceful and tolerant tomorrow possible, a Nigeria that is peaceful and tolerant; a Nigeria where justice and equity reign; a Nigeria for all of us; a prosperous country made up of diverse, resourceful, disciplined, hospitable, and happy people ,” she declared amid applause by guests at the event.

“Today, terrorism is our biggest challenge; it is a new and complicated challenge in our land. We can overcome it by working together.

“Let us, the children begin to spread the message of love, tolerance, understanding and unity among all Nigerians and humanity irrespective of race, belief, culture and geography. That is the safest road to a secure, peaceful and prosperous tomorrow,” the 9-year old added.


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