Yakasai and its refuse problem

By Buhari Rano

Yakasai is a name of a quarter in the ancient city of Kano; it is situated some reasonable distance away from Kano’s central mosque. Yakasai is a Jukun word that literally translates as ‘we will come back’.Alhaji Maitama Sule (Danmasanin Kano) believes that the initial inhabitants of the area were Jukuns who were hunters that came and settle in the area for some time and left to their original place of residence which is now in Taraba state. Yakasai is bordered by Kofar Nassarawa from the east, Kofar Mata from the north, Durumin Zungura from the south and DuruminIya from the West.

One of the problems militating against the existence of this quarter’s is nothing but its refuse dumping site and its clearance. It is the only refuse dumping site around the area, even the neighouring areas like Kasuwar Rimi market, ‘Yan santsi business area at bakinasibiti and ‘Yan gamadan use this refuse center (Yakasai) as their refuse dumping site, as such too much refuse is being dumped which often blocked the main road that links Kofar Nassarawa with Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital, as such whenever Road Safety officials carry accident victims trying to pass through the road they often met with many hindrances on the road either caused by refuse which blocked the road or traffic hold ups created by the narrow road passage.

The Refuse Management and Sanitary Board (REMASAB) staff that are saddled with the responsibility of clearing the refuse use to come in the night – which is not conducive for the people living in the area, especially those living close to the refuse site, as it create very irritating odour that may cause harm to the health of those people. Not only this even the disturbing noise of the heavy duty bull dozer is enough to affect the hearing ability of the inhabitants.

Furthermore, rainy season is another problem, the small Magaga dam created by the operators of the bull dozer whenever it rains, the flood that poured everywhere on the road with its unpleasant smell most especially when people throw a dead animal into it are added problems.

After a problem has been identified, its causes outlined and discussed, there is also the need to find solution to it, how it should be managed and controlled, and possibly bring an end to it.

At the level of government, there should be a provision of more trucks for the clearance of the refuse in the area, more personnel, and increase the clearing period from once in a week to either two (2) or even three (3) times if possible, considering the fact that it is the only refuse site around the area.

Communally, the people of the area must identify with the problem and make their own contribution, example they should organize their youth either on bi weekly or monthly basis to come out and clear the refuse from the main road, create Elders and Elites Committee that can approach the appropriate authority so that government could come to their aid.

Conclusively, this Yakasai quarter’s refuse dumping site, being the only one around the area on one hand, and its being close to the road which is the major link from Kofar Nassarawa to Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital on the other hand, the government should as a matter of urgency come to the aid of this community, by fencing the refuse dumping site and frequently clear the dumped refuse. And also if possible government should dualise the road and create another dumping site.


Buhari Rano wrote in from Mass Communication Department, Bayer University, Kano.

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