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Published On: Sun, Oct 26th, 2014

Wuye residents’ cry for help over lingering road rehabilitation work

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lagos-road-3By Stanley Onyekwere

Some residents of Wuye District of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)have continued their cry for help over the protractedroad rehabilitation project in the area, as it has subjected themto many untold hardships, on a daily basis.

The residents described the situation as a nightmare, because they suffera lot of inconveniences while leaving or returning to their respective homes, daily.

A cross section of the residents, who told Peoples Daily that the slow pace of the rehabilitation work has worsen the plight of people in the area, however expressed dismay over the way and manner the contractor handling the project.

As a way out, they urged the FCT administration to as a matter of urgency intervene by revoking thecontract awarded to contractors handling the rehabilitation ofthe access road, off Christian Family Worship Centre, in the area.

It was gathered that since the contractor began work on the road more than a year ago, it has not even completednear half of the job.

According to them, because of the way and manner the contractor is handling the project since moving to the site, they have known no peace, as the place has become impassable.

While some saidthat it appears that the government was not doing much to ensure thespeedy completion of the project, others blamed the situation to what they described as incompetence of the contractor to execute such kind of job.

A resident, Adebayo Oke, who described the situation as unfortunate, said that the road instead of getting better has become worsened, due to the snail pace of the ongoing rehabilitation work.

I’m tired of the deplorable condition of the road, as the contractor handling the rehabilitation work has turned the area into something else; it is full of red mold and potholes.

“I have been spending a lot of money on fixing my car, especially washing the car; imagine that we cannot wash our cars in our homes, knowing that the moment we step on the road, it would get dirt again,” he lamented.

Another resident, Madam Ngozi Chijioke, also noted with displeasure the protracted situation of the area, in which they have found themselves.

“When we heard that the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has awarded contract for Rehabilitation of the access road within this area, we were happy; and praying for the completion, because the road is so significant to our daily routine as residents of this area.

“But, today almost one year, the Arab contractors are there romancing the road without heeding to the cries of the residents over the slow pace of the work.

“For you to wake up in the morning and take your children to school is so frustrating especially in this rainy season, but contractors handling the project need to change the pattern they are using, because we are fade up with these mess they put us into,” she stressed.

Also, a resident, Mr. Barnabas Moses, expressed his disgust over the snail pace of work on the project by contractor handling.

He noted that if a rehabilitation of a link road will take a contractor a whole year-plus with no significant progress, thenthe firm lacks competency in handling heavy duty projects like newroad construction and rehabilitation of big roads in the FCT.

Similarly, one Mohammed Ramat, who also resides in the area, argued that since thecontractor is so slow in executing such project, it then beholds onthe relevant authorities to revoke the contract and award it to a moreserious and dedicated firm for a speedy completion.

“We have been on a God mercy for one year now, just a simple link roadwithin the quarters, the project that has no sign of completion.

“Many of us are now parking our cars outside our residence, to avoidbringing in the lateral and the mold on the road, especially thisrainy season.

“We have been patient for months, but now the condition is going outof hand; and if the FCT Administration is not ready to revoke thisproject, many of us have resolve to stage a peaceful demonstration,” he pointed out.

Not left out, a squatter in the area, Okon James, told Peoples Daily that every day, residents in the area are greatly disturbed by the nightmarish experience they face while plying on the road.

He said the situation causes a lot of psychological trauma to residents, who are left with no other choice, but have to endure the terrible condition of the road while traversing the area.


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