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Published On: Mon, Sep 1st, 2014

Why FG needs to build software industry in Nigeria

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Why FG needs to build software industry in Nigeria

Why FG needs to build software industry in Nigeria

By Chris Alu

Most people and organizations now use online bulk massages to transact their businesses, as well communicate to people, this is because it is easier and cheaper  to transact and communicate  to thousands of people at a time with less cost or stress .

And that is why most people are  building on e-marketing to generate huge sums of money, apart from that online business is better than off line.

In Nigeria for instance, where unemployment is over 60%, and there are no plans for business men to build their own software which would enhance business plans, they concentrate on the availability of the business on ground.

So  what  Nigeria needs most now  is   the establishment of software that would help in strengthening over 20,000 businesses  to the people, for  people to focus on major on online and Mobile Services businesses in other  to be active and   viable and as well   help them  develop  good and quality businesses in  the near   future.

 It is through online businesses that one can start a company  and within a short time   makes huge money or be   sure of becoming a Billionaire.

Given facebook as an example, people advertised their businesses on facebook, get news and play music, films and lots more this is business and money because they pay huge sums of money for it.

 This kind of initiative is not yet in Africa, but soon we will be there, as the knowledge and economy is paving ways for it gradually, so good business men should start thinking of taking their positions now in the online space.

To succeed as an online business man, one needs to be ready to start small business from the beginning. Life is in phases, Men are in sizes.  Technology business is better when you know the details of it.

As   an entrepreneur, you must work hard else your business will not stand. In simple words, in online business one need to  be patient, consistent and determine never to quit.  So bulk Short Message System (SMS) is an area that has been doing very great.

 Some people have asked why should a company, for instance, use that medium to reach out to its customers hence there are many channels available today.

 Text messaging can give you over 5billion naira as a profit which is far more valuable than that of the telecom industry.

With just N35, 000 you can start a bulk SMS business and if you are a skillful marketer you can grow that to multi-million business in less than three years.

It is a gold mine for any smart individual who wants to start their technology entrepreneur from bulk SMS . Any business that brings money on a daily bases is a business you cannot  under rate  Bulk SMS is not that technical.

The challenge is that some get reseller website with a wrong company that uses Indian gateways that don’t deliver text message sent on their platform on time.

Under 30 seconds when you send message on a good platform, it delivers hence they are indispensable.

It is cheap and very reliable and easier to do.  So the goal of any business man is to achieved in business within a short time, and that is what online messaging does into the industry.

Although the  adoption rate is high. The same way every aspect of digital marketing is being embarrassed, is how bulk SMS thrives, because conventional Media is no longer at the reach of some companies, particularly those looking for measurable and effective platform for marketing. 98% of bulk SMS.

The problem is how to get accurate data to send advert SMS to and that is why we deal with sales of targeted GSM and email data.

Some have suggested that bulk SMS should be regulated as NCC regulates the telecom SMS, but others people disagrees with it , because it is a saturated market and price is not the issue.

Bulk SMS is lesser than N4 which is the normal price for sending through your telecom provider.

Still Bulk SMS can be customized, you can send to hundreds of thousands of people at the same time. Regulation should come in the form of enforcing quality service, checkmating fraudsters who use bulk SMS for scam purposes as well as other social devices.

One need to  note that  all the SMS you receive from MTN or GLO or Airtel is directly from them. One can  call some short code business, where you partner with the provider to provide services like quotes,   sport scores and updates, health tips and people subscribe with N30 or

N50. That is another business under messaging. Targeted Bulk SMS is to send messages to your existing clients or potential clients to buy your products and services.

There are two types. There are the fraudulent ones from people claiming to be your bank or that you have containers or won a gift etc.

The second type is  the legal ones and its rented email campaign whereby  one  send email to email ID that you bought from those whom the owner of such ID subscribe.

For example,  one  can start a campaign online as  he  give certain services and ask people to subscribe and  he  may choose to sell those emails to a client so that he or she sends campaign of his or her services to such individuals.

However, you can always unsubscribe from such mail.

eMail marketing is new to Nigeria but it is proving to be a very effective form of marketing since the advent of smartphone, where people now, instantly, get alert.

The best form however is to build your own list which we help companies build and we train cooperate bodies on this. The bottom-line is that marketing techniques have change from online and conventional media to digital media and everyone must come on board or be left behind.

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