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Published On: Fri, Nov 3rd, 2017

Who is Hushpuppi?

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If you are into fashionable people with lavish lifestyles, then you will definitely be interested in Ray Hushpuppi. Find out more about him in our article. This man’s exquisite sense of style, the way of living and ridiculous wealth will certainly catch your attention.
A few quick facts about Ray Hushpuppi:
• This luxurious fashionista was born on June 14 (year unknown) as Raymond Igbalodely. He is also known by such nicknames as Aja Puppi and Aja 4. He is a Nigerian philanthropist based in Malaysia.
• Ray Hushpuppi loves showing off his wealth on Instagram (@hushpuppi) and Snapchat (Hushpuppi5). He also claims that he does not use Twitter or Facebook, so any accounts on those platforms posing as Ray Hushpuppi are fake.
• Judging by his lifestyle, Ray obviously has lots of money. However, he does not share how he earns it. It is also rather hard to calculate exactly how much money he has, but his expensive cars, fancy clothes, and a private plane signify that we are talking millions, or, more likely, billions of naira.
• Hushpuppi loves to party! Even more, he loves purchasing very pricey drinks. Once he partied so hard, he spent ₦11 million at the Quilox Club. In addition to this, he loves travelling. He has probably visited every fashion capital in the world already.
• The man has an incredible sense of style. If you love men’s fashion, we guarantee that you will not be able to take your eyes off his Instagram page for quite a while. Some of his favourite designers include Gucci, Dsquared2, Versace, Balmain, Luis Vuitton and many other luxurious brands.
• If you have never seen Ray Hushpuppi, you might imagine someone soft and small. However, he is quite the opposite. Ray is a big burly man with a luscious beard and a serious glare.
Apart from enjoying his opulent life, Ray Hushpuppi has a fascinating hobby that involves picking on famous people. He often comes for Nigerian rappers and other celebrities and either accuses them of wearing knock-off clothes and accessories, or claims that he has more money than they do.
Among some of his victims were rappers Phyno and Ice Prince, as well as musicians Davido and KCee. Every celebrity responded in their own way to Hushpuppi’s accusations. Some, like Phyno, turned the argument back by claiming that they have other things to worry about, while Hushpuppi only has to worry about brands.
Ice Prince even went a step further and said that he is the man of his nation, while Ray Hushpuppi is a man of Gucci. We do not know if that counts as an insult, but it is still a response.
Probably the harshest response came from KCee. Not only did he question Hushpuppi’s source of wealth, but he also went to the EFCC with a request to investigate Ray’s income. He just could not understand how someone with no talent (KCee’s words, not ours) could have that much money. And as Ray Hushpuppi does not share any information on where his money comes from, KCee assumed that the fashionista had something to hide. Maybe he is avoiding paying his taxes, who knows?
One of the most fascinating things to observe was a ‘war’ between Hushpuppi and Davido, when each tried to prove that he had more money. Apart from empty claims, both rich boys went as far as literally throwing cash around and sending large sums of money to some of their lucky fans.
Despite being quite harsh to celebs, Ray Hushpuppi lives up to his adorable name when it comes to his interactions with his friends or fans. Apart from showing off his amazing outfits, Ray also showcases his friends (famous or otherwise), and they always seem happy to see him. He even encourages his fans to come up to him if they meet him out and about.
Obviously, a person like Ray has haters and ill-wishers. Many people often warn him to dial it down a bit to avoid unnecessary negativity. Nevertheless, he shrugs it off, claiming that all PR is good PR, and that haters only bring him more profits.If you want to see the full biography of Hushpuppi, you can find it on the website.

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