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Published On: Fri, Aug 24th, 2018

When you fight the wind, you can’t win

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By Alwan Hassan

Nigerian blood in him. A nation bedevilled by calamity and the only advocacy by some of her citizens is that the president should resign or be voted out.
Nothing is more sickening and illogical than this. Sincere people rally around themselves to solve problems, but here people gather in mosques and churches plotting the removal of a constitutionally elected man. The man you are so maliciously impugning has his own supporters who are doing everything to return their candidate. Instead of your surreptitious plot, why not bring forth a candidate, polish him and sell his candidacy?
Blackmail doesn’t change a government, disguised venom don’t win elections, only sincere electioneering ideas wins election. These outdated strategies of using religion and ethnicity cannot fetch any electoral values. This is 3 years since Muhammadu Buhari assumed leadership yet no single person has been islamized as peddled by the wicked merchants of mischief. If I were you, I will resign to fate in the matter of this man.
This is the same man that was set to die when his car exploded in volcanic IED, this man had his character mutilated on TV, radio, newspapers, in churches and mosques, in fact he lost nearly his life but guess what! He defied all these excruciating experiences to come out strong because God was not done with him. Do not begrudge this man, it is not him manifesting mortality, it is God manifesting his awesomeness on this man.
People like this rarely adore a generation, he has this special anointing- like the rock in the river, he is firmly rooted. Use wisdom to dislodge not these weak conspiracies flying round.
The Muhammadu Buhari I know is not here to promote any agenda other than his sworn oath of regaining the nation from the claw of usurper, looters, vampires and the acclaimed landlords of Nigeria. Stop fighting the wind, you can’t win.

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