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Published On: Thu, Dec 25th, 2014

When 115 Task Force Battalion restored order in Mubi, other towns

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Nigerian Air Marshal Alex BadehReports that normalcy is gradually returning to the ancient city of Mubi said to be the second largest city in Adamawa State and it’s environs after Boko Haram’s onslaught is stating the obvious, as Umar Dankano writes on the efforts of 115 Task Force Battalion on restoring law and order in the border towns.

The Nigerian troops especially the 115 Task force Battalion under the leadership of its commanding officer, Lt. Col Danladi Jibril Abdullahi deserves to be applauded for exhibiting high sense of patriotism and professionalism in the current or ongoing war against insurgency.

Many innocent Nigerians have been subjected to untold hardship due to the ungodly and absolute wickedness to humanity by few evil men for reasons best known to them and their sponsors not minding that any act of wickedness to fellow man can’t go unpunished if not on this crazy world then certainty in the next world (Hereafter).

For the gallant and brave confrontation with the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents in Adamawa State, the troops were able to forcefully recapture the towns of Gombi, Hong, Maiha and the commercial border ancient town of Mubi which have been under Boko Haram occupation for over forty (40) days. A situation that brought succor and smile to residents who before fled for their safety.

With the new development, Nigerians especially those in the North-Eastern part, who have been experiencing this traumatic nightmares courtesy of the bad boys (Boko Haram) have grounds to say all hope is not lost because Nigerian troops are equal to the task if given the conducive atmosphere to operate as practicalised or testified by 155 task force Batallion in Adamawa recently.

A fact finding visit to the recaptured towns of Gombi, Hong, Maiha and Mubi by journalists have shown that the military have already started a mop up operation in preparation to the opening of the towns for the return of displaced residents which has indeed given a clear picture of the true situation of things not as being speculated in print and electronic media that our local hunters and vigilante were leading the troops even though they complement in some cases but very minimal as per our investigation.

On Sunday 7th December 2014, as early as 6:00am journalists on the mission took up and entered Mubi through Gombi-Hong Maiha road where some vehicles and motor bikes were seen burnt on the highway with decomposing human corpses near them showing the impact or result of 115 task force Battalion.

As at the time of the media visit to ancient town of Mubi, decomposing bodies of the insurgents were seen at some places while their bombed hardwares including APC’s Hilux vans and motorcycles lies at various locations especially Mararraba –Mubi were intense fighting took place leading to the destruction of many buildings including schools, shops and worship places.

An impeccable military source who declined Identification told this reporter that, these insurgents in Adamawa are mostly Chadians stressing that those captured alive couldn’t speak English or any local native language of Nigeria and usually masked their faces while on their nefarious activities.

The source explained that, now that, fighting weapons are available all among them are ever ready to face these criminals, whom he described as a” group of armed robbers looting Nigerians” in their on way.

“Sincerely, most of these criminals are Chadians who are being introduced to Nigerians by few unpatriotic indigenes to commit crime by killing, maiming and carting away monies and valuables to their country “Chad” but with the full re-enforcement, we will face them squarely and soon it will be over the source assured.

Some residents of the area who spoke to our correspondent in Mubi expressed happiness with the recent situation as they said they feel secured now being in the firm control of the military adding that the soldiers have been kind to them as they relived them with kind words.

A visit round the town shows low human activities as major streets of the town remain deserted while shops across the major streets of Mubi have remained under lock and key save for some few traders at the Central Market who have opened shop and started trading their wares.

Mallam Buhari Abba, a business Man at the Mubi central market expressed delight over the return of normalcy thanking the authorities for restoring order to the town.

“As you can see, we have started opening our shops in a peaceful atmosphere without the fear of being molested. This is a welcome development, because when the Boko Haram guys were having a field day, they can bounce on you unceremoniously but with the coming of our Military personnel the situation has changed for good” Abbas stated.

However reports from the area have revealed that all the Commercial Banks in the town have been vandalized and looted by the Boko Haram insurgents as a trip round the town indicated.

Another resident of the town Mallam Hamman Bawuro has called on the federal and state Governments to as a matter of urgency improve on the medical attention by ensuring that all medical staff were reinstated and hospitals stocked with drugs as he said many sick people are lying unattended in various clinics.

Bawuro added that all the littered corpses of the slain insurgents should be evacuated as they constitute health hazards to humanity.

Residents of the areas also appealed to the mobile network providers to restore GSM network to the area as its absence constitute a major stumbling block to the dissemination of information to displaced residents.

“Please help us tell the Government that it should restore the GSM networks so that we could tell our brothers to come back,”. A resident appealed.

Similarly residents of the ancient town of Mubi which was recently recaptured from the Boko Haram Insurgence by the Nigerian troops have described the returning of Emir of Mubi Alh. Abubakar Isa Ahmadu on Friday back to his palace as a new beginning.

It could be recalled that, the Emir who was the state Amirul Hajj this year (2014) was in Saudi Arabia with the state delegation for this year Holy pilgrimage when the outlawed sect overran his domain for over 40 days.

Buba Ibrahim who was among those that trooped out to welcome the Emir chanting “Baba yadawo, Baba yadawo” meaning in Hausa” Baba is back, Baba is back” said he was very happy to see the emir back.

“This is one of the happiest day of my life and i pray things will normalize for better”, Ibrahim said.

Hauwa Umar who was also excited with the return of the emir said his return was symbolic.

“This historic returns symbolize the fact that Mubi has been liberated”, Umar said.

However the emir who joins other Muslim faithfuls to observed the Jummat Prayer at the Mubi Central Mosque urged the residents to take what happened as something that happened with the will of God.

Abubakar called for sustained payers for God mercies, lasting peace in the Emirate and nation in general.

In an interview with journalists at his palace, he said that he has fully moved back to Mubi to stay with his subjects even though lamenting that all the doors to his rooms were burgled by the insurgents who invaded the palace.

The royal father however called on Nigerians to be hundred percent pious in their engagements (undertakings) for almighty God to heal the land. He explained that what is happening in the country should make us to re-examine ourselves that something has gone wrong somewhere.

“We Nigerians need to rethink and search ourselves where we have gone astray. God can only help us when we are sincere to ourselves”. The emir advised.

Our correspondent also observed that the Military have already started a mop up operation in preparation to the opening of the town for the re-coming of displaced residents as every inch of the town was combed by soldiers who maintained vigilance.

Also officers and men of Nigeria Police Force, Nigerian Immigration Services were fully in operation as a visit to the Police Area Command of Mubi have seen police officers on duty while their vehicles on patrol were seen combing the town as they also mounted stop and search with the aim of fishing out remnants of Boko Haram insurgents.

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