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Published On: Fri, Jan 5th, 2018

What the flimsy Trump can’t do (3)

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FRIDAY Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

Every soul must have a test of death- Qur’an 3:185; 29:57.
And fear tumult or oppression which affects not in particular (only) those of you who do wrong (but it may afflict the good and the bad people) and know that Allah is severe in punishment-Qur’an 8:25
9/11 The big lie-Thierry Meyssan …….challenges the entire official version of the Sept. 11 attacks. The New York Times
Hypocrites all of you hypocrites, will pay the price someday-Jimmy Cliff

The United States of America (USA) that is struggling to cling to the number one super power status rank is going a barrowing that will nail it, among others, to its eventual extinction. Those who go a barrowing, the wise say, go a sorrowing. Today, the national debt of the USA tops US 18.0 trillion Dollars!!! Just calculate the interest thereon per month and is compounding and tell yourself the great disaster on the horizon, if creditors impose a redemption order to Trump. While trump may have a net worth of 3.0 US billion, that equates to 3/18000 = 0.017 of 1% of the current US debt. Yet he opens his mouth to brag to the world that the debtor US to the throat, will stop doling those countries that refuse to vote the arrogant Jerusalem stand. Israel is a beggar nation of the US so Netanyahu can only yawn when asked to bail out US. If not that one has a demented mind how can a debtor threaten to withhold aid, while he is unable to pay his liabilities. Is there any wisdom in doling out barrowed funds to intimidate who? US has not the wherewithal to force its way unless by the dream of its capacity to annihilate dissents. Even then, it is not sure what repercussions will follow.
Why people ask is the USA such a violent society. Now they have a “billionaire” President Trump preaching hate speech solely unhappy with his life at the age of over 70? One would have thought the poor distressed countries would be the sad ones heaping insult at “prosperous” and “rich” USA and Zionists controlled states. But the opposite is happening. The rich are the frustrated and the unhappiest because they live on cursed wealth made from devilish transactions. They have destroyed nations and commit genocide and profiteering from blood money. Now they have surrendered to the Satan and have embraced same sex marriage. With respect to the USA, the answer lies in what late Ayatollah Khomeini called “USA” as a miniature Great “Satan” among nation states on earth. For Satan was given long life to mislead Adam and his progeny much more than the arrogant Jew or the fanatic supporter Trump who may only live around 100 years and die. Satan on the other hand was alive before Adam was created thousands of years ago. So they are secondary to Satan. No matter what they do they cpould not outlive Satan who will in the end dissociate from the unjust.
Let the USA if it has what it takes trying to play god settle it creditors first and then see if it could push Jerusalem. The US only prides itself of the deadly nuclear and chemical weapons that it possesses more than any other nation-state in the world. It has used nuclear against Japan and believes, with the Zionist arrogance Israeli tail wagging the dog, the USA, Trump could commit blue murder and think will get away with it. Hmm, Trump will be surprised by the time he makes the costly mistake; he will be confronted with an unimaginable response. That clueless USA dropped nuclear on Japan has made the world nation states to note the dangerous enemy with mad dog mentality and in various ways they are having contingencies to teach the USA and Zionists lessons of their life.
At least the rejection of Jerusalem order by the world has given a tough signal. The destruction of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and the absolute control of Saudi and Arab wealth by the USA may give the US-Zionists a false sense of security. Time only will tell. The attempt to destroy Iran by Saudi-Trump-Netanyahu alliance is on. The Saudis will not get away with it since they are dinning with the “Great Satan”. The lesson of the Shah of Iran and other USA stooges are on record. The US-Zionists have no friends but interests as the Satan is all about. The Vietnam, Japan and the control of South America and the world that US-Zionist insists upon are herculean tasks that will backfire.
A survey of the control of Jerusalem would indicate that, the city has changed hands between various groups. Control have oscillated since 1000 BC from and between Palestinian, Jewish, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians (today Iran), Greeks and Romans, the Arab rule, the Crusaders, the Mamelukes and most recent the Ottoman Empire. Thereafter, the British came in and the British-Jewish alliance or the treachery by Jews on Germany-British war gave birth to the establishment of Israel (1938-1947).
The creation of Israel and enforcement of Jerusalem is beyond Trump and Netanyahu. Now they have a temporary advantage and can do what they like but it will never last. Just like they know they will sooner die and will not resurrect to enforce their will so the case of Jerusalem remains. The Jews in New York and Israel are insecure. The moment a loud boom occurs you will see them running helter skelter to run for cover. Afraid of death that the injustice they planted is haunting them. For they know it would not last. And they will pay one day.
Assyrians deported Jews and the Kingdom of Israel perished under them in 722 BCE. In 586 BCE the most influential Jews in Judea were deported to Mesopotamia now Iraq and the first Jewish Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians. It was the Persians (Iranians) that conquered Babylonians and allowed Jews a form of home rule and allowed them to rebuild the temple. Roman Empire Titus in 70 destroyed Jerusalem and the rest of Jerusalem were reduced to rubble. In 629, Byzantine emperor Heraclius concered the city killed all Jews and all synagogues burned. Many Jews sought refuge in Egypt. In 637 the Arab rule emerged. In the 630’s a new religion, Islam, began spreading from the Arabian peninsula, and within only a few years both the Persian and Byzantine empires were defeated. In 638 AD, Jerusalem fell to the Arab caliph Omar and became part of the Muslim empire., which was ruled from the caliphate of Madinah (now Saudi Arabia).
These historical developments are eye openers. All the noise by the US-Zionist is hot air. There were more influential people among the Israelis that made efforts to enforce Israel but time rendered their schemes irrelevant. Trump and Netanyahu should note. Israel and USA do not respect United Nations resolutions in as much as they do not serve their interests. Israel has no respect of any UN resolutions on Palestinian rights. History has shown the Jews are not indispensable and able to enforce their dogma on Jerusalem. No condition is permanent except justice and fairness. So the hate speeches and demented actins of Trump should not confuse anyone except Trump and day dreamers like the Netanyahu’s. One should be content with what Bertrand Russell says, “It is a waste of energy to be angry with a man who behaves badly, just as it is to be angry with a car that won’t go.”

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