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Published On: Fri, Dec 29th, 2017

What the flimsy Trump can’t do (2)

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FRIDAY Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

Every soul must have a test of death- Qur’an 3:185; 29:57.
And fear tumult or oppression which affects not in particular (only) those of you who do wrong (but it may afflict the good and the bad people) and know that Allah is severe in punishment-Qur’an 8:25
9/11 The big lie-Thierry Meyssan …….challenges the entire official version of the Sept. 11 attacks. The New York Times
Hypocrites all of you hypocrites, will pay the price someday-Jimmy Cliff

The world is a global village and there are limits to arrogance and impunity. These two human disasters are key attributes of a so-called US President Trump born and bred as a spoilt kid. A spoilt kid is a born and raised kid who believes he could commit murder and nothing will happen. He inherited the billions and not that he sweated it out himself. That Trump does not recognise that he is ignorant in the first place, flimsy in the second place, clueless and arrogant in the third place and unjust in all of its ramification and implications in the fourth place and these manifested in his blind and futile order to the world to bow to his will. What would appear to be an arrogant and flimsy animal called Trump and a Zionist champion wanted to test his limits against over 7 billion children of Adam.
So did a naïve and clueless Trump in his hearts of hearts really expect the wide world to obey his order on Jerusalem as the Israeli capital? The world has put him to shame, if he has any. The whole world if there is “democracy” that US-Zionists “believe” in, refused and call his order a trash that was only fit for the garbage bags of his so-called Trump towers to collect and throw in the garbage heap. He could not in his wildest dream see through the baseless order. Democracy has won and US-Zionist loosers have lost and should honourably accept, if the world is not to back North Korea and any renegade that wishes to follows the US-Zionist example of crass impunity.
In the first instant have the Zionists ever obeyed their Lord Allah, the God of Musa (Moses) and Isa (Jesus the son of Mary)? Have they obeyed the Scriptures and the 10 Commandments imposed on them? Did they not worship the Golden Calf as a rebellion against Moses when he went to the Mount to receive the Taurat (Torah)? Do they obey their parents and Sabbath? Did they not kill their Prophets Zakariyau (Zachariah) and Yahya (John)? Did they not accuse Maryam (Mary the mother of Jesus) of having illegal sexual misconduct? Do they believe in Jesus as Christ at all? Did the Israelis not attempt to kill Jesus? Did they not humiliate Moses and insulted him in a most humiliating manner? Are they not greedy, arrogant and covetous and devour interest against the Commandments?
Do they not kill pious none Jews unjustly today and in history claiming they are a “superior race”. Yet God punished them as recorded in history and most recently by the Christian Hitler? Trump despite the nukes under his control cannot deal with Germans for killing “6 million Jews” like rats or insects. Even killing 6 million rats will cause animal lovers to fight. Does one become superior through telling lies and committing genocide against humanity as the US-Zionists are known for today to prove one is loved by God? The Jews claim albeit with no basis that Paradise is exclusive to them. If at all they are to be punished in the Hellfire, it would be just for few days. Indeed, if the Paradise is exclusive to the Jews, why do not they wish to die?
Why then the rapacious greed and the do-or-die over Jerusalem that they will eventually retire and die collectively or individually sooner than later? If indeed also if the Paradise is assuredly guaranteed for the Zionists, why the hysteria and the insults and the terrorism on Islam and Muslims? The Qur’an is clear that the Jews are nothing if they rebel against the Taurat which clearly commands them to obey Prophets Jesus and Muhammad. It is instructive to refer to the Qur’an in Maidah: 5, 19, and 68 and in fact the whole chapter Maidah, among others, settles these issues if the reader wishes to understand. Unfortunately Trump will not toe this line and the arrogant Israeli chauvinists. Trump and Netanyahu will not commit suicide and go to Paradise that the Zionist are the heirs. They will rather continue with genocide and futile racial propagation that is futile.
Trump is blind and cannot remove or undo the pariah status in history about Jewish dilemma and castigations in Europe. Indeed the “evil looking Jew “suffered serial expulsions from Europe from the years 1100 to 1600 as stated by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In 1290 the Edict of Expulsion by Edward 1 of England remained in force till 1650. The Jews were not allowed to enter the Kingdom of England for over 300 years. In 1492, the Jews were expelled from Spain. While yet again, Portugal did expel the “diabolical” Jews in 1497. Instead of Trump and US- Zionists-Israel vent their anger on Europeans the cowardly group shift on Muslims and Palestinians.
Let us not forget, the Jews themselves claim that Hitler and the German Christians massacred” “6 million Jews”. Could anybody believe that really 6 million Jews were exterminated by Christian Hitler and with the unforgiving nature of Jews, they will forget and direct their terrorism on Islam and Muslims and Trump and the arrogant stand forget the Europeans expulsion. Why is today Trump making noise and expelling Muslims while the snakes who decimated and humiliated the Jews are European Christians? Why is Trump and the Zionist lobby in the US and arrogant Netanyahu quite about these historical terrorism on Jews?
Wikipedia further reports that “Jews acquired a reputation as extortionate moneylenders, which made them extremely unpopular with both the Church and the general public. While an anti-Jewish attitude was widespread in Europe, medieval England was particularly anti-Jewish. An image of the Jew as a diabolical figure who hated Christ started to become widespread, and myths such as the tale of the Wandering Jew and allegations of ritual murders originated and spread throughout England as well as in Scotland and Wales.
In frequent cases of blood libel, Jews were said to hunt for children to murder before Passover so that they could use their blood to make the unleavened matzah. Anti-Jewish attitudes sparked numerous riots in which many Jews were murdered, most notably in 1190, when over 100 Jews were massacred in York.”
So now the dog eat dog between Jews and Christian is buried, the two because of their anti-God attitudes and greed for materialism have now come to demonize Muslims and Islam. Despite the seeming Zionist-Christian “rapport” against Islam, the deep animosity between the “diabolical” Jews and Christians, will Trump overcome that with his Jerusalem order? The answer is a big No to the Zionist “diabolical” Trump as the overwhelming vote against his phantom order on Jerusalem at the United Nations proved futile . The time bomb will explode on the diabolical Jews and Trump sooner than later.

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