Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2017

What successful people don’t do at the end of workday

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The last 10 minutes of your workday are equally as important as the first 10.
“Whatever you do right before leaving the office will have a significant impact on your mood when you get home, the start of your next morning, and thus the entire next workday,” explains Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert said.”
She says we all have a choice to be strategic about the next day, or to just bask in the glory of our day’s work being done, distracted by the late-day buzz around us. “Successful people always do the former,” says Taylor. “In fact, most of them have a routine in which they use those last 10 minutes to mitigate tasks that will linger and deter them from being completely focused for the next morning’s events.”
When you’re strategic during the last few minutes of your workday, you’ll build the foundation for a much more productive morning — “and likely reap the rewards throughout the entire next day,” Taylor adds.
Here are 11 things successful people almost never do in the last 10 minutes of the workday:

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