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Published On: Thu, May 1st, 2014

What is Amaechi’s definition of ‘indigeneship’?

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By Benjamin Obijulu Ad

Governor RotimiAmaechi of River state should make himself clear by telling the world the truth about what he means about non-indigeneship. Or what he means by “we are all Rivers indigenes. Nobody who reads this press release would say that he understands what is said. Here are three sentences that contradict each other:

1.“I don’t believe in non-indigeneship. As far as I am concerned, you are entitled to everything if you have lived in Rivers State for at least five years. We are all Rivers indigenes. If you go anywhere around this State and they are segregating against you, please, call my attention. The reason is that we are all Nigerians and we remain bonafide citizens of this country.” 2.The Governor also announced the approval of a bus for the NIPF and 20 per cent scholarship for non-indigenes in the State amongst other largesse. 3.High Chief Ubaka also thanked Governor Amaechi for employing 20 per cent of non-indigenes during the last teachers’ recruitment exercise, and the appointment of their sons into political offices to pilot the affairs of the state.

He believes that there are no non-indigenes in Rivers state once a person has lived in Rivers state for five years. This is a very statesmanlike action worthy of copying by all state governors from Lagos to Kano to Enugu. He believes that “we are all Nigerians and we remain bona fide citizens of this country. Nothing could be truer. I applaud the governor for these bold words. But the next thing was this, the approval of a bus for the NIPF a non-indigenes organization and the award of 20% scholarship for non-indigenes. So does Amaechi believe that there are no non-indigenes or that there is? He cannot have it both ways. He should make this very clear and let his words and his actions align.

Then his guests thanked him for employing 20% of non-indigenes as teachers. In other words Mr. Amaechi has been discriminating against non-indigenes in his hiring practices. The idea that a Kano, Ogun, Imo, guy in PH who has a degree in education could only compete for 20% of teaching positions in Rivers even though he is a Nigeria is another of the most ridiculous things that is legally allowed in Nigeria. We either have one Nigeria or 361/2 Nigeria’s (Abuja is the ½). This double talk is only good if read in the book 1984 by George Orwell, but not from a living and breathing governor.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba wrote in from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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