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Published On: Thu, Jun 26th, 2014

What Fashola should know about Ekiti election

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By Bunmi Olusona

I read what your response was to the huge defeat suffered by your Ekiti counterpart, Gov. Kayode Fayemi. He is truly a gentleman and a democrat who did his best for Ekiti people.

Governor Raji Fasola (SAN), you were quoted as having lamented that the Ekiti people voted for Fayose as a result of money, while ignoring the achievements of incumbent Governor Kayode Fayemi in the state. I strongly disagree with you and I want to open your eyes and those of the other leaders of APC to the following: Your party, APC, is undemocratic; imposition is your stock in trade. Your platform is notorious for this and the destinies of young and old people have been truncated as a result of this. Anyone not in your favour is doomed, no matter his/her relationship with the grassroots.

Virtually all the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria today clamoured for a sovereign national conference to address the myriad problems confronting this nation; yes we got less than a sovereign conference but half bread they say is better than none. Your party not only assumed to know more than everybody by rejecting it but refused to participate. You robbed the South-West and other states under your authority of official participation. We can’t quantify their loss.

Your party is openly against what most Nigerians today want; that is, local government autonomy. We all know why you will never support such. Your party, APC, is openly sympathetic to Boko Haram activities. You opposed sending the military to the affected areas; you openly expressed your rejection of curfew and imposition of state of emergency in those areas. You openly condemn the Nigerian Army, who are in active combat operations and in great peril. Many of them have paid the supreme sacrifice to secure all of us; rather than appreciate them, you actually wanted Army leaders tried for genocide.

Nigerians understand your body language – a desire to bring this government down. On this fifth point, your party got it all wrong. You, its leaders, painted yourselves as saints who have embarked on a mission to save Nigeria, But you were quick to expose your real identities by luring the brazenly corrupt elements failed Governors and their thieving godfathers and friends into your platform. You tried desperately to rebrand robbers as progressives? This move of yours revealed your true identity as opportunists who just want to win at all cost. No standard, no integrity, no ideology nor principles; just the states and the money therein!

Nigerians now know your mission. You want to create religious conflict in Nigeria, where brothers and sisters will no longer see themselves as such but in religious coloration. These issues are very serious and germain to the continued existence of this country. APC has been decoded.

Rev. Bunmi Olusona wrote in from Ilorin, Kwara state


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