We will not accept extension of emergency, says Senator Jibrilla

From Ado Abubakar Musa, Jos.

Following Monday’s request by president Goodluck Jonathan to extend the emergency rule in the state of the Borno , Yobe and Adamawa, Senator Bindo Jibrilla, from Adamawa state, has vowed that the president’s request would not be accepted by the members of the senate, saying that the move ” is insignificant” in that the previous moves did not yield any positive result.

Senator Jibrilla, who is the deputy chairman committee on defence in the Senate said this on Tuesday, on the Hausa Service of the BBC,monitored in Jos.

The senator, who noted that such request were made for more than three time in the past but yet the action did not change the situation rather making it worst and this time around they (Senate) would not agree, adding that he ( Jibrilla) and others in the house have started canvassing support from other members of the house to reject the request.

He said, “We, in the Senate, are not happy with the request and we will ensure that it is rejected by the House. Our decision to reject the request came following the realization that the past emergency rule declared in the three north-eastern states did not yield up any good result and so there is no need for it again. We thought the last one would make positive change the revers is still the case.

Jibrilla however suggested that since emergency rule did not work, then the president should call the traditional rulers and other stakeholders to strategise on another way out , emphasising that such suggestion would help in finding the lasting solution to the problem.


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