Published On: Fri, Jun 7th, 2019

We are necessary, but not evil, Abuja natives declare

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By Stanley Onyekwere

Some natives of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) under the auspices of Abuja Original Inhabitants Youth Empowerment Organisation (AOIYEO) have condemned the statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari, for describing FCT residents and natives as necessary evil for voting against him during the just concluded 2019 general election.
In a statement signed by Commandant Isaac David, President of the indigenous youth organization, the natives questioned the reason for the statement, saying that it was significant and ominous because it was impliedly directed at the original inhabitants.
They frowned at the fact that the comment which could be described as a hate speech was also directed to Distinguished Senator Philip Aduda at the event, which clearly showed that if not for his status as a serving Senator and for protocol reasons, Aduda would have been excluded from the delegation.
“The truth of the matter is that the indigenes rejected President Muhammadu Buhari as their Governor as constitutionally provided.
“Our organization rang the alarm bell months before the election on the ominous signs. We wrote to the Honourable Minister of the FCT and even at a stakeholders meeting between the Honourable Minister and the leadership of the Forum of Ex-Councilors’ and Political Appointees of the FCT, convened by our Organisation.
“We told him in no uncertain terms that President Muhammadu Buhari will lose elections in the FCT, because APC is not on ground and nobody even the FCTA was galvanizing support at the grassroots for the re-election of Mr. President,” David stated.
According to the natives, they still recognize Senator Phillip Aduda as their de-facto Governor and benefactor by the magnitude of the empowerment programmes he launched in the 858 communities, saying that he was busy identifying with his constituency and was their ever present help.
“The All Progressives Congress (APC) administration in the FCT was very complacent and took the residents, especially the natives for granted. Many issues arising from resettlement and compensation were not attended to and the Area Council Administrations were busy lining their pockets, instead of addressing the needs of the people.
“No APC Primaries held in the FCT. Candidates were imposed with much bitterness and acrimony and no effort was made to engender internal healing within the party and reconcile aggrieved members who then vented their anger by working against their party during the elections.
“Candidates flying the APC flag were content with putting the picture of PMB on their posters believing the miracle of 2015 will repeat itself to their colossal disappointment.
“While the wife of Mr. President, our own amiable and cerebral Dr. Aishat Buhari was busy with the Wife of the Vice President, mobilizing women and youths across the country, where was the wife of the Honourable Minister of the FCT, to identify and interact with the women to give them a sense of belonging and identity as their First Lady.
“She was missing in action and the wife of Distinguished Senator Philip Aduda embraced the vacuum with both hands and maximized the opportunity,” he stressed.
They also queried the fact that in 2015, President Buhari made a promise to the indigenes at the Palace 9 of the Ona of Abaji to appoint one of their own as the Minister of the FCT, but he never did and this is the consequence as there was nobody on ground to monitor the elections on his behalf.
“The President travelled to Katsina State to vote, the Vice President travelled to Ogun State to vote and the FCT Minister travelled to Adamawa State to vote leaving the indigenes who constitutionally they represent as Governor, Deputy Governor and Acting Governor in limbo and therefore amenable to influence by extraneous forces beyond their control.
“This is the more reason why the President should appoint the Minister of the FCT from the indigenes, somebody who speak their language and know them as is the case with the Executive Governors in the 36 States.
“We therefore take exception to that statement and maintain that even though he said that he is for nobody, we believe he is for us as our Governor and should direct our affairs with that supreme mindset,” he added.

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