We are ‘migrant secretary’ not Perm. Sec. -Olusade Adesola

By Amaechi Agbo

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, Olusade Adesola has said that by the nature and longevity of their position in the civil service where they are always on the move by being posted from one ministry to another within just a calendar year, the permanent secretary is not permanent but a “migrant secretary” who is always on the migration route.
The Permanent Secretary who stated this recently said that he was gladdened to be part of the history-making individuals who worked assiduously with the minister of Youth and Sports Development to chart new course and direction for sports development in the country.
In response to questions concerning the hosting of the 20th edition of the National Sports Festival by Edo State next year, Adesola said that he was delighted that the festival was revived in his time as the permanent secretary of the ministry and stated that in view of the nature of the service, it is most likely he would not be in the ministry when the festival gets underway in Edo because he had spent more than a year in the ministry and redeployment is envisaged.
“The event I am participating in today; I might not have the opportunity to participate in it again as the Permanent Secretary in the federal ministry of youth and sports. Ordinarily, this category I belong to are described as permanent secretary but in reality, we are migrant secretary because immediately you clock one year in a ministry, you should start watching your back, it is next time to move. By now I have spent over a year in the ministry with lots of success and good things to count for each time I look behind. And one of the successes I have witnessed is the preparation for the hosting of the 20th edition of the National Sports Festival and the signing of the MoU between the ministry and the Edo State government. It happened during my time in the ministry and I believe that the signing of the MoU is a great mile stone towards the successful hosting and organisation of the NSF in 2020.
“Permit me to use this opportunity once again to congratulate the government and people of Edo State for winning the bid to host the 20th NSF. This will be the second time that Edo State will be hosting the event having hosted it in 2002; that was the 13th edition and the 5th edition held in 1981, was hosted by old Bendel state.
“The purpose of the MoU signing is principally to advance the acceptance of the good people and government of Edo State to host the 20th edition of the NSF by signing the host state agreement. The MoU among other things, spells out the roles and responsibility of the two main parties in the agreement, namely, the federal ministry of youth and sports on behalf of the federal government and the Edo State government. We will also as part of this meeting schedule a date for the National Council for Sports on the hosting of the festival. The meeting which will combine with a joint technical meeting, will in addition to other agenda of the council, undertake an inspection of facilities earmarked for the hosting of the 20th edition of the NSF in Edo State.
“Apart from the host state, I will also advise technocrats that will be involved in the festival to familiarise themselves with the 19th NSF regulation being the extant regulation for the NSF 2020. On our part, the federal ministry of youth and sports development will earnestly inaugurate main organising committee that will coordinate things from the FCT and provide the necessary technical input, guidance and assistance towards the success of the 20th NSF.
By the same token, the host state is expected to constitute its own local organising committee so that we can in earnest hit the ground running. In preparing for the 19th NSF, we went into partnership with Messrs Greenfilderson Limited to work with the ministry to rebrand, repackage, market and deliver five editions of the NSF starting with the 19th edition held in 2018. At the appropriate time we will facilitate engagement of the partner with the host state,” the Permanent Secretary said.

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