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Published On: Mon, Sep 14th, 2020

Wada Maida: Tribute to an irreplaceable brother

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By Ibrahim Dahiru Gambarawa

Grieving is an intense feeling which comes when one is in deep sorrow as in the event of losing someone dear. No one wants to lose a loved one, the resulting emotion could tear one apart and is hard for every person. No words can take away the pain.
My dear cousin, Malam Wada, I will never forget that rainy day, the day Allah S.W.T decided to take you away, my eyes were filled up with tears as I heard the news of your sudden departure after I left you seated healthy in your office for your assignment.
You were dead but I’m still thinking how can a dead be truly dead when they still live in the souls of those who are left behind.
May Allah S.W.T forgive all your shortcomings and grant you Aljannatul-Firdaus.
The Late Wada A. Maida was the persona of the age-long Hausa nickname Babban-Yaya. He has fulfilled all the qualities to earn such a befitting nomenclature and family designation. He was even more if there were other references to use.
A very humble soul, as we grew to know him. He spent most of his youthful life with my father as his uncle. We grew up to recognize him as one of the eldest brothers in our family. On his part, the late Wada also played his role effectively. Even before the peaceful demise of our father in 1989, he had fully acknowledged his family responsibility as one of the eldest brothers in the family. He commanded discipline and offered protection to the best of his ability and manner without discrimination but full of compassion and diplomacy that befits our kind of family with all its numerical strenth. It must have been a tough function for him, yet he never complained. Those who come from a single large family will better appreciate what I am talking about.
After the passage of our father, he assumed rather efficiently the role of paterfamilias without any difficulty. We looked up to him for advice, inspiration, adjudication, financial support and most importantly leadership particularly the younger ones amongst us.
Every family needs a lodestar, someone who keeps them moving on the right path.
Malam Wada was our lodestar. He was a man who taught me much about how to live life to the fullest and how to end with grace, for this reason, I always look up to him.
He was truly a breadwinner and were it possible to convey a message to the late father, I would have told him he left us in the hands of the best caregiver. With him around, the family never lacked anything, to Allah be the glory.
Ever since I attained sensibleness, he was the towering figure that influenced many of my life’s major decisions from education to lifestyle and comportment. My career choice was a clone of his because he wanted to always keep a tab on me.
After completing a Diploma course in 2007 at Bayero University Kano, I was supposed to start my career with a telecommunication company but I abandoned it after I was served a letter of appointment simply because upon informing Malam Wada, he said one thing I will never forget; Ibrahim you need to advance your academic pursuit to at least a degree level before setting out for any job in a private organization. He said working for telecos is quite tasking and may consume you to a point of building distance between us. He proposed I should come down to Abuja and work with him instead. I understood exactly what point he wanted to make and took a second opinion to renege the offer from the teleco because I was convinced that I will lose his mentorship. It was a costly decision I made but I have never regretted it.
He was a teacher that has excellent and yet varied coaching techniques. He was sensitive and sensible in mentoring with good sense of timing and choice of approach. His civility, decorum and gentility earned him a lot of respect and admiration amongst both siblings and associates. We adore each other with much respect.
He was a mosque-goer and a morality practitioner, honest, decent, modest and respectable among family and many others who knew him even if it’s just for a day.
He was never arrogant despite his level of intellect and accomplishments. He was a welcoming and forgiving persona that gives second chances without denying his wise counsel to whomever it may concern.
Malam Wada was a happy man that has lived life to its fullest in my opinion. He knew how to celebrate what was important to him.
His wealth of experience in journalism and public relations was superb. There was always something new to learn from his wisdom whenever you are in his company. He was a reserved type that listens to everyone.
As my boss, words cannot describe the magnitude of bereavement I am afflicted with. He was my first employer and I was loyal up until he answered the ultimate call. I have never regretted heeding to any of his priceless advices right from choosing to decline employment opportunity with telecommunication company in favour of being around him. I am proud to be his employee.
He gave me the hand to operate fully in my capacity without undue interference ever since he employed me as Press Assistant to his Manager and subsequently his Personal Assistant. Even where he has to wade in, it was done professionally with respect and sincerity.
Media organizations and field of journalism will surely miss you.
Allah ya jiќan ka da Rahama Babban-Yaya as we meet again.
Ibrahim Dahiru Gambarawa

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