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Published On: Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

VOX POP: We’re dying because of bad roads – New Nyanya residents

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Residents in New Nyanya, a spanning densely populated settlement in Karu Local Government are groaning over the spate of bad roads in the area, daily subjecting them to untold hardship. In this vox pop conducted by Everest Samuel Ikechukwu, they passionately called for urgent intervention of the government. Excerpts:

Faustina King, a Civil Servant: I have been a resident of New Nyanya for about 3years now. The area is calm and has less security challenges but has lingering problem of bad roads. The road network is very bad. Most times it is impassable because of the gallops on the road. And people with cars find it difficult a times to navigate through the galloping roads. So, we area pleading with both Nasarawa state govt and Federal government to help us grade the roads.

Precious Kelechi, a Student:The problem of bad road network in New Nyanya has become an embarrassing stigma. Vehicle owners are in distress as their vehicles are not used optimally. Moreover, the are many potholes and this cause vehicles to break down at times. sometimes after passing the hold up stress at mararaba the when entering your street especially from that Amasco filling station you begin to jump up and down inside your car because of the galloping nature of the road network.

Nimmyel Seljul: There are no roads at all, because there are no good roads here. In fact, there is nothing even anywhere close to that. This place has some or nearly all characteristics of a perfect slum as roads here accommodate dumped refuse generated from people’s homes. At least, a good road must be or certainly motorable. For many people, especially inhabitants of this place, the hope for good roads tends to be behind the bars, but with blood still running in our veins, we hope for any kind of access road, even as the hope of getting good roads is apparently fading.

James Ebere – Often time people say that science and technology has transfer human being from being a source of power to manage the source of power. But the opposite is the case of New Nyanya, where at the moment the road network can not be differentiated from the stone age where our forefathers that were mostly peasant farmers foot paths that are not wide to accommodate bicycles talk more of cars. Sincerely speaking the road network here is zero. The factors responsible for this inconvenience can be traceable to so many reasons. One of such factor is the total negligence of government despite the proximity of this settlement to the local govt Secretariat and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Many people who run micro shops or specialize in selling food items and other related items find it extremely difficult to do business here, because of the bad roads. Imagine coming back from work and then your car suddenly breaks down how terrible could it be. So, I am pleading with the government to help us out, because when there are good access roads businesses and other human activities tend to go well. Most importantly, the standard of living in the area would ultimately improve.

Peter John: Sometimes we have to admit to the fact that what we hear on television and radio stations about this government are bunch of lies, just to please our ears. This government is the worst that have ruled this country so far. Imagine people living in a place where there is no good road not to talk of water and stable electricity. And for how long are we going to be like this?
New Nyanya is a settlement close to Nyanya in FCT, and I may not be lying if I say most civil Servants working in Abuja settle here in New Nyanya, bad roads have forced many people to relocate to other areas. People are complaining bitterly about this situation, which is a little bit better during the dry season, but during the rainy season it something else. The government should urgently do something about it, because all of us die.

Law joshua, a Youth Advocate. I don’t know how to express it, because of what I am passing through as a result of the bad road network leading from the Keffi express road into the various Streets in the area. For instance, due to the situation, my business is crippled, as my shop is virtually empty. You can see empty hangers, no more clothes. I sell one and eat the profit, I eat the capital because I don’t sell again. All our customers have ran away from this area. Nowadays, the place is very dry and dusty. And anytime it rains, it becomes muddy and impassable. So, we are passing through hell here, and there is no relief in sight, or even compensation so far. In fact, I wonder if the Nasarawa state government knows that new nyanya its part of the state. Two vehicles can hardly pass through this road now. We rebuilt our structures during the rainy season, yet and dry season the government don’t consider helping us to address the situation.

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