Vigilante reaffirms support for security agencies in fight against crime

From Mohammad Ibrahim, Kaduna

Commander General and Founder of Vigilantes Group of Nigeria (VGN) Alhaji Ali Sokoto has vowed that the organization will continue to support security agencies, Police in particularly in fight against crimes in local communities and the country in general.
The Commander said Nigeria as a nation needs to be supported by VGN in the fight against criminals.
Speaking at a news briefing at the weekend in Kaduna, Alhaji Ali lauded the National Assembly members for supporting the Bill to make VGN a paramilitary agency in the country.
“ We gathered here to express our appreciation to members of National Assembly for allowing our Bill to scale through third reading.
“VGN will continue to support the fight against crimes in this country. We are also appealing to President Buhari to ascent the bill so that we can equally give our contribution towards providing security to our local communities,” he said.
Alhaji Ali therefore appealed to their members Nationwide to be united and continue to do their work in the development of the country, security wise.
Also in his remarks, VGN Chief of Staff, Navy Captain Abubakar Umar Bakori RTD said the aim of creating VGN was to compliment the Police and other Security agencies to fight crimes in local communities.
“Every Nigeria know that there are lot of agitation for community policing in this country presently and we believe that this Bill if finally ascent too by the President will help provide security in our communities.
“The President is aware of the role played by VGN in making our communities crimes free even before he became the president. So, with the passage of our bill both States and FG can use the VGN in fight against crimes in the country,” he said.
According to him, presently VGN members are being used in some states to provide security in communities where the police couldn’t go.
He added further that the bill if it becomes law will enable VGN to create more job opportunities to teaming unemployed youths across the country.

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