UNICEF charges Media on constant reportage of children’ s education

By Maryam Abeeb, Abuja

The Chief of Communication of UNICEF, Eliana Drakopulos has charged Media practitioners and online bloggers to engage in constant advocacy of children’s education so as to improve the Education sector.
She made this disclosure at a media dialogue with bloggers on Access to Education held in Kano, noting that when children are empowered, the number of Out of school children will reduce.
She said, “When the potential of the young people are fully maximized they will end up as a productive and creative adult. We need to ensure that by 2030, there is no employment in the country”
The Head of the Child Right and Information Bureau, Mr Olumide advised Media practitioners and online bloggers to increase the reportage of children’s Education issue and give it a high priority in the country.
According to him, the Federal government will continue to invest in the education of children in order to develop the country, while urging the online media practitioners to bridge the gap of disadvantaged children.
“We want bloggers and media practitioners to drive the campaign in reducing the number of Out of school children Nigeria”
Speaking further, he noted that a large number of Nigerian children are lagging behind in terms of Educational Infrastructure.
Communication Officer with UNICEF, Tosin Akingbolu charged online bloggers to create more awareness regarding Education of children in Nigeria.
“We need to strengthen partnership to address the issue of Out of school children in Nigeria”
She also urged the leaders to rate Education as an issue of National importance”

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