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Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2018

Trump: Eating your cake and having it

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FRIDAY Column BY Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

The wonderful world of the sitting US President Trump is that he likes to eat his cake and have it. Trump wants America first but he wants all other nations to be behind “his” America. It is his country alongside Israel considered, in his opinion, to be“God’s own countries”. I sometimes wonder whether Trump and Netanyahu, after eating their cakes, do not answer the call of nature and so have no need for toilets. When their stomachs digest the cakes and other foods, one presupposes that it is recycled on their tables since they are little angels. The toilet cleaners, ostensibly, will just collect the drops and take to Messrs “eat your cake and have them” to swallow their products. May be the twitter king may wish to confirm to me and later Netanyahu should twit to Trump to clear the air. America and Israel’s first dogma is the eat your cake and have it arrogance with regards to gentiles and under dogs among the children of Adam. The living interests are to allow them unfettered access to your resources to exploit to their satisfaction. If you disagree, they call it terrorism against America and Israel and against United Nations “resolution” and world order. Head or tail, it is the same.
How dare you try measure up while the almighty tin-god with economic, financial and military might has Trump on his twitter? What with Trump and Netanyahu’s hands on the devastating nuclear that could diminish any challenger within 10 minutes. To Trump, the fact that the US dropped nukes in Japan at Hiroshima and Nagasaki is enough to call China, Russia and Iran to order. Recently, in the bid to eat his cake and have it,Trump dropped the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan. The daily usage of drones to commit genocide on none Americans and Jews is enough to rally the world to attack this evil. Any wonder the rate of suicides and uncontrolled wild fires wreck America? Even though, the three together could ensure that Trump cannot eat his cake and have it. He does not require his twitter to remind them about this chess game. More so the tail that is wagging the dog Israel is whispering satanic jingles into the ears of Trump to the effect that you “can eat your cake and have it”. So Trump is not one to learn that lesson given the matching orders to the world to move their capitals from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. Even his NATO allies found the eating your cake by way of Jerusalem misadventure was distasteful to swallow.
So Trump by turning the apple cat upside down in waging wars against nations is a sign of one being comfortable seeing others in pains. A sadist it would seem. A man living in Fantasy Island that believes his nation alone could dictate its will on others. Could it be imagined that the US will not face the deadly decline that other empires experienced? With the right to own a gun, the time bomb like a bubble under uncontrolled pressure will burst. The direct and indirect wars that Trump is drumming have started under various scenarios. The US according to China is bent on planting thorns on other instead of flowers. This could backfire.
The US had eaten its cake in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the Red Indians, the South America the US backyard with a rotten history of aggression. Now the desperate America first is shifting to Muslim countries and nations that are economically independent of the US dogma of “I must eat my cake and have it”. The flank wars of varying degrees are on those asserting themselves like China, Russia, Iran and somewhat Turkey under Erdogan. Those Arabian Kings are yet to get their bearings right in human development and nation building. They are good candidates to grease the oily wheel of the US first for crumbs. They are not yet in tune with the values of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and must so surrender to America first. It would appear Trump’s twit is their Constitution and operating manual.
The America first war drum reminds me of our days at Government College Keffi effective January 1966-December 1970 under the Nigeria-Biafra war scenario. The war mobilistion started around ’67. It was full swing till ’70 before the Biafrans surrendered. From 1967 we were heavily loaded with the Biafra Radio propaganda. One was that they had captured Government College Keffi. It was strange we were in Keffi but someone was saying we were under captivity. The psychological fear was intense but then life was moving. We had to go through drills at the College football field on how to take cover in case they dropped bombs. We had an Egyptian woman Arabic teacher in 1967 when we were in the second year. I could remember that when our Arabic teacher was carrying us through the Arabic language lesson, she came with the familiar sentence. “What do you like, eating or the sleeping”.
One day during her class we heard a noise upstairs since we were down stairs in the classroom block. The form three classes were upstairs and they dragged their chairs and we thought we heard the noise of the bombs out of psychological fear. So we started jumping through the windows. At the time when I jumped through the window my thoughts and mind were looking at Katsina and was thinking would run straight to Katsina to escape the Biafra bombs. Then we were asked to turn back as the scare was out of nothing but the imagination that the noises of the chairs coming from upstairs. Luckily the war with Biafra rebels under rebel leader the late Ojukwu ended in 1970 the year we completed our WASC. The rumblings of Trump like Ojukwu propaganda started after Trump was inaugurated pointed at North Korean Kim Jong-Un.
When I saw Trump warning North Korea that he would spit fire and wipe North Korea from the map of the earth, it was like 1967 when we used to hear in the radio that we were captured. While Trump thought he was sort of eating his cake and having it with North Korea, it would appear that he had no cake to eat. For the North Korean leader had eaten it. Where is my cake twitted Trump after returning from the toilet. His advisers told him Kim in North Korea had eaten it. So get the hell outa hear and go to North Korea and negotiate with him perhaps you may eat your cake since you do not have it. But wait you Trump, before you fly out to meet with Kim we have to drill you on how to “take in cover”. Like in Keffi the sergeant at arms had to be deployed to give us lessons on how to “take cover”.
It is no more a question of eating your cake and having it. The cowards are generally the noise makers. If one reads the story about the Fir’auna or Pharaoh in the Qur’an or the Bible, he would find these raw leaders more of cowards, the likes of Pharaoh and Trump when the chips are down. The Jewish Scriptures whether twisted or original, are one, when Pharaoh and his chiefs were about to be drowned. Remember Pharaoh slaughtered the Jews, subdued them as slaves working with hard labour and punished them maximally. Trump though is inconsistent with his Bible may wish to reread it again.

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