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Published On: Sun, Apr 13th, 2014

Top super foods that help fight breast cancer

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Top super foods that help fight breast cancerBreast cancer might be a common form of cancer but it can also take on a deadly form. It has been predicted by the World Health Organization that by 2020 the incidence of breast cancer cases will be higher than what it is today. Breast cancer can be prevented as well as controlled by taking on healthy habits like reducing alcohol consumption, controlling the weight, breast feeding, avoiding exposure to polluting and radical elements as well as following a healthy diet plan.

1. Spinach is a vegetable that contains many properties which help it to fortify the system against breast cancer.


-It consists of an antioxidant which is lutien that has a major role to play in guarding the breast cancer cells and to stop it from spreading to other areas of the body

-It consists of carotenoids and zeaxanthin which can help to remove unstable molecules from the body


-Spinach can be enjoyed in the form of a salad ingredient

-It can be steamed, stirred and sauteed and added to any dish

-Other cruciferous vegetables like Swiss chard, romaine lettuce and kale are known to have similar properties

2. Tomatoes- One should try and include tomatoes highly in their diet as this vegetable item is known to have beneficial properties


-Tomatoes are known to contain lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant that can help to prevent breast cancer development

-It can assist in stopping the cancerous cell growth

-Lycopene can also stop other cancerous cells from growing in other organs like the lungs or the endometrial

3. Turmeric- It is known to contain a substance known as curcumin which can help to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells such as skin cancer, lung, breast and gastrointestinal cancer.


-Curcumin in turmeric helps to stop the spreading of breast cancer to other areas

-It can help to repair DNA which is damaged by radiation

One can consume turmeric powder in their food or consume a pinch of raw turmeric with water on an empty stomach every morning.

4. Pomegranate Juice- Research shows that pomegranate can help to destroy cancer cells without affecting the cells which are healthy.


-It is known to contain polyphenol which is a form of ellagic acid and is known for its antioxidant properties

-It will prevent the formation of cancer cells in the breast region

Pomegranate can be consumed as a fruit juice or as a fruit based dessert. One needs to include it in their diet to prevent breast cancer, either as a fruit or as its juice.

5. Salmon- It is a fish that contains types of omega-3 fatty acids and other nutritional ingredients which can help to slow down the growth of cancerous tumors.


-It contains omega-3 fatty acids which can help to slow down the growth of cancerous tumors

-It helps to boost the immune system as it contains vitamins B complex and D

-It is a source of lean protein

Such elements will help to regulate cell growth and prevent the onset or progress of cancer. Salmon can be consumed by baking or grilling it than deep frying it. One can try and consume three portions of the fresh fish every week.

6. Garlic- Garlic is seen to help prevent breast cancer in different ways.


-Sulfur compounds are present in the garlic which can help to speed up the repair of DNA

-It can help to kill the cancerous cells that cause breast cancer as well as stomach, colon, mouth and other forms of cancer

The maximum benefit is derived from the garlic by peeling and chopping the garlic cloves and allowing them to sit for some time before they are cooked. One could also crush or swallow a piece of garlic every morning if one wishes to lead a cancer free life.

7. Blueberries- This wondrous berry is known to have many properties which can help to avert ailments like cancer.


-These berries are known to be rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals

-The phytochemicals that are present in the blueberries prevent the spread of breast cancer

-Antioxidants like ellagic acid is known to have anti-cancer properties which can slow down the growth of tumor as well as helps to destroy substances which cause cancer.

-It is best to try and eat fresh blueberries instead of the packed version.

8. Flaxseed-Flax seed is known to contain many beneficial properties that will help to prevent and control the growth of breast cancer.


-Flaxseed is known to contain high levels of lignin which in turn protects the cells which are affected by the cancer causing estrogen cells

-The flaxseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which can help to form a protective shield from cancer


-Powdered flaxseed can be added to yoghurt or made a smoothie to produce a nutty or richer flavor

-Flaxseed oil can be used to make salad dressings

-It can be used or added as an ingredient in cookies or muffins.

9. Broccoli- Broccoli is a vegetable that is known to contain certain unique ingredients which can help to fight this ailment.


-It contains compounds such as indole-3-carbinol that help fight cancer. This chemical is known to convert the cancer causing estrogen into an estrogen which helps to protect the body from cancer.

-It will help to reduce risk of other types of cancer such as prostate, lymphoma, bladder and even lung cancer

-Other cruciferous vegetables can be included such as cauliflower, kale and cabbage which help to reduce the risk of breast cancer

It is best to have the vegetables in the cooked form.

10. Walnuts- Walnuts are known to be good for those who are suffering from breast cancer.


-Walnuts contain healthy fatty acids like omega-3 which can help the body to fight the inflammation and reduce the growth of cancerous tumors

-Walnut and their daily consumption will help to keep at bay all risks of breast cancer

Those who are suffering from breast cancer can consume two ounces of walnuts which will slow down the growth and development of the cancerous tumors.

11. Grape seed extract- Such an extract might be harder to find as many of the grapes sold in stores are nowadays of the seedless variety.


The extract of the grape seeds is known to help inhibit aromatase

-This in turn helps to prevent the formation of cancer

-Grape seed extract also helps to prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells

12. Beans, especially of the black and navy variety have been tested to help reduce colon cancer in rats.


-When one consumes a diet rich in legumes it increases the level of fatty acid butyrate in them

-That in turn helps to reduce and prevent cancer growth

-Dried beans are found to be effective in preventing breast cancer in rats.

13. Mushrooms- Mushrooms have been identified to have cancer fighting abilities.


-The white button mushrooms are capable in slowing down the growth of breast cancer tumor cells by controlling aromatase

-This protein enzyme is known to biosynthesize estrogen in the body and is linked in helping to spur breast cancer tumors

-These are even linked in helping to control and prevent the growth of prostate cancer

Mushrooms can be consumed in boiled or cooked form to enjoy its many health benefits.

14. Cinnamon- Cinnamon is used as a medicine as well as a spice. It offers many powerful benefits.


-It is known to block a protein which gives blood supply to the cancer cells

-Angiogenesis is prompted by cinnamon which can help to prevent the tumors from growing as well as spreading.

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