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Published On: Mon, Jun 9th, 2014

Tips to tackle migraines

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MigrainesGrabbing a pill is not the only way to spike a migraine. Here are some ways to get over a migraine though all won’t work for everyone.

The most important thing is recognize a migraine when it is starting. If you are beginning to feel stressed out in the eye area and feeling a sense of nausea, a migraine may just be beginning. Immediately stop work particularly if you are sitting at a computer. Best is to go to a quiet room, pull the shades and lie down for a while. Try and sleep. Most headaches can be got rid of before they start becoming worse if workaholics pause before things get worse.

Take off spectacles or contact lenses and massage your eye area softly. If you have any sensation of a cold, take steam. This will clear any sinus blockages and give you relief. Do not watch television or hear loud music at this time. Better not to get into a conversation on the cellphone either.

Spiking a migraine with a hot oil massage is another method. Take some olive oil or coconut oil and heat it to a comfortable level. Get a friend or family member to give you a good head massage with swift strokes. The strokes should first cover the top of the head then from side to side on the forehead. The oil can then be massaged around the back of the head. The temples should be pressed and nape of the neck should be massaged gently. Wash your face properly after this massage and you are sure to feel better.

Try acupressure points for spiking a migraine. Pinch the tips of your thumbs yourself or ask a friend and family member to do so. The first digit of the thumbs should be pinched and held for a few seconds then released. This pinching and releasing should be practiced for several minutes or as required. Ensure that the pressure that is applied should not be too painful but comforting.

Another method to get rid of a headache is to fill a bucket of warm lukewarm water and sit with your legs in the bucket. The water should reach half-way up your legs or maybe just below the knees. If you can have a head massage while sitting with your legs in the bucket of water, you may feel considerable relief quickly.

Drink well-brewed tea. Use some herbs and sip some tea slowly that eases you or puts you to sleep. If you have any relaxation music or subliminal healing tapes, put them on and try to meditate. The only other way to get rid of a headache is to combine any or all of these therapy techniques by putting your head in the lap of your sweetheart or a loved one. Home remedies do not replace a doctor so you should decide appropriately after some time.


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