Tinubu, Ambode and battle for soul of Lagos

By Odilim Enwegbara

Gov Ambode and PDP are secretly talking to ensure that PDP gives him the PDP ticket.
That’s why when APC postponed its governorship primary in Lagos, PDP also decided to shift its governorship to a date to be announced later.
Why later? So that once Ambode fails to get the APC ticket, then, PDP will hand Ambode its governorship ticket.
With that Lagos will be won by PDP both in Governorship and presidential races.
While those whole see this clearly are begging Tinubu, Ambode already knows that with a PDP ticket he is cruising to victory and that will be the end of Tinubu political ownership of Lagos.
This is the how Lagos electorate population is divided: Lagosians and Yorubas 52% (Group A); Southeasterners and Igbos in Lagos 35% (Group B); other Nigerians living in Lagos 13% (Group C).
Ambode as a PDP candidate will receive 22% from Goup A; 30% from Group B; and 5% from Group C.
With a total 57% electoral votes, Ambode will be comfortably reelected Lagos Governor with Tinubu no longer his political godfather.
Because the Tinubu people are fully aware of this possibility and because they already made up their minds not to give Ambode the Lagos ticket, they recently tried to organize anti-Igbo protests in Lagos.
But because Ambode was clever enough to read between the lines, and as result wasted no time in not just stopping the protests, but openly condemning the anti-Igbo waves.
He knew that someone powerful in Lagos politics would have been behind it. And that there wouldn’t have been any group that could have done that done the Tinubu political who would want to set him up against the Igbo in Lagos.
Tinubu people were trying to use the ant-Igbo protests to ensure that the Igbo electorate never vote for Ambode, since Igbos in Lagos hold the game changing electoral number.
If PDP is able to make Gov Ambode the PDP governorship candidate, and should Atiku become the PDP Presidential flag bearer, Atiku as a Lagos boy, someone who has most of his businesses in Lagos and lived and still lives in Lagos a large part of his life, then, Lagos will definitely go to PDP with as high as 55% of the over 6 million votes in Lagos State.
Buhari people are fully aware of these possible electoral outcomes. That is why Buhari has been pleading to Tinubu.
But Tinubu also has Tinubu die-hards who are painting a dangerous scenario for him if Ambode is not stopped.
They made him recognize that should he ever allow Ambode be reelected, it is most likely that Ambode will waste no time in dismountling
Tinubu’s political hold on Lagos. And as far as they have seen it coming, that once he loses his Lagos base, it will be all over for Tinubu in the Nigerian politics.

Odilim wrote in from Abuja

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