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Published On: Thu, Jan 30th, 2020

Time to check reckless talks

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By Adetunji Ayobrown

Seek thy true self, Oh ye Nigeria then, development is assured. But if a nation would not do this, then, God forbids the other side of it. When a nation cannot see itself or does not know the composition of its people, then the result is what we are seeing. I mean can two or more persons live together without knowing the truth? There is need to know our true self, who and who are the true Nigerians, and who are those that really want one true Nigeria. Then let us seat and discuss like brothers; the time to do that is now!
Obviously, you can’t move outside yourself, except you are dead. But you can step outside yourself to see yourself, in doing this, you able to know yourself by yourself. Then if anyone tells you what is not about you, you are able to know instantly and accurately too, if what is said is true. If truly we continue to live as one people, without suspicious of one another, then there is need to talk and appraise the situation we are in now. My dear fellow Nigerians, this can only be done when we can see through our selves, do critical analysis of who we are and perhaps only then can we decide if we want to forge ahead as a country.
In the latest report by Transparency International, TI, Nigeria ranks 146 out of the 180 countries with a score of 26 and the 16th-most corrupt nation in Africa. Last year, Africa’s populous nation ranked 144 out of 180 nations with a CPI score of 27. No wonder the former president Olusegun Obasanjo said, ‘they’ll not only go to jail, they’ll go to hell more’, Nigerians consciousness is awakened. You would be surprised by number one. This was the aftermath of the recent happenings in the country. These are the 15 most corrupt countries in Africa, according to Transparency International. According to the report, Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the most corrupt region, with an average score of 32. While countries like Botswana (61), Cabo Verde (58), Rwanda (53), and Mauritius (52) did better.
I thought it will be more pleasing to engage this socially; I’m in deep thinking, I may not have a Hausa name for it but in Yoruba, it is called ‘da nuro’, self critical assessment. This is talking about analysis of what brought us this far, challenges and solutions if we must continue as one Nigeria. This present situation as a nation is not acceptable. Being vulnerable is being ‘woundable’ according to my self-audit, and as it is, crime is on the increase and that is why regional or state police is needed at this time.
A French philosopher said ‘man is born free but everywhere in chain’, however, the status quo is not acceptable any longer. Peace is what we were born into, as a result, it is time to not only ban Miyetti Allah but to also arrest all its leaders, bring them to justice and send them back to Futa Jalon and Futa Toro. For those that have blood on their hands to have the nerve to call the sons and daughters of Oduduwa or any other tribe illiterates, is taking the step too far. I wish I could name tag them, but for decorum, though I believe such an organisation that kills innocent people for no just cause, deserve true spiritual cleaning. Don’t you think?
Perhaps I should ask the question; is this government really fighting corruption? Come to think of it, can anyone come out to face the East and swear be for himself or any of this present FG political arrangement as it is. No one even among the then die-hard Buharists, Kai things have changed truly.
The recent Supreme Court judgement on Imo governorship election is still with its wages. Good or bad, many are counting. We have not forgotten the Kogi and Osun elections, where daylight votes buying was cool. But we know what such will cause and what the cost will be will soon be known.
The down side of putting away our fear; the various level of governments must urgently address the corrupting role of big money in political party financing and the undue influence it exerts on our political systems. We need to appraise what the highhandedness of some so called cabals and some few groups may cost the country. What allowing and letting go aninstigating statement from the likes of Saleh may cost this former stupendously rich nation that is about to become a huge failure is worrisome.
Non-deliverance from such spirits of insanity, arrogance and delusion from one can be contagious is clip in the bud, many Nigerians agreed too. His (Saleh) likes truly need serious spiritual deliverance because such state of psyche is out of tune with reality, and this most Nigerians now know. According to their submissions, such irrational state of mind needs more than the ordinary but spiritual warfare, former president was right.
Cash, gas or ass, no one rides for free, face yourself. If the likes of Saleh can openly say the support for the South-West security outfit, Amotekun, showed how primitive Yoruba people were in politics, then it is obvious that we need not search again for the illiterates’ sects within the country. If primitiveness makes it better to die protecting lives than to live taking them, then Yoruba forefathers seems to be better than others, ask those who know andare better enlightened.
Many have said someone like Saleh should know that coming on a national television to denigrate other regions or its people, especially people of the South West shows nothing but his uncultured and uncivilised offensive behaviour. And what such utterances can cause is beyond measure. Something major is faulty, reactions of some Nigerians is still counting condemnations in millions. So, let us call a spade a spade. Except if the present administration is scouting for ***something else, FG must condemn such statements, something concrete and productive must be done about this, it is then citizens will believe that Buhari truly want a one Nigeria.
Before someone’s infectious insanity spread to others, something need to be done to checkmate this type of utterances. Take it or leave it; the greatest genius is seeing through illusions, fellow Nigerians, let us wake up to unlock the magic which Mother Nature has endowed us with.
When love goes wrong, nothing goes right and it is the cause of ethnics’ suspicion. We shall not stand by idly and allow insult and arrogance to denigrate our country. Nigerians are now determined to no longer take these unwarranted insults without giving appropriate responses. Gone are the days when we will simply turn the other cheek. Better to die protecting life than to live taking them. Many are now more than ever willing to pay the price for what freedom would cost. To know something is good, but to do that something is god. As everyone knows, such act of trivialising others can cause serious damage to our national existence.

Adetunji Ayobrown is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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