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Published On: Fri, Oct 5th, 2018

Thoughts on the 2019 elections (2)

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FRIDAY Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

Now, Saraki is talking about “vision” and “divisiveness” of Buhari as a substitute for corruption. Other aspirants are evading the issue of corruption just as Makarfi is saying he is the “most feared” by the APC. Falaye is talking of SDP as “APC’s nightmare” in the Saturday and Sunday Trust respectively. Turaki is making me laugh with the wasted bill boards in the corners of Kaduna saying he “will make Nigeria great”. The Peoples Daily of Friday September 14, 2018 in its front page reports that “Atiku writes Buhari, alleges threat to life”. Atiku gave out a GSM number that made threats to his life and those of his family members etc. I hope they do not poison Atiku as they did to Buhari for his chances of survival, only Allah (SWT) knows should it happen. But going by reaping what someone sows, I should like to believe that the chances for Atiku, head or tail, is marginal. To my mind, he appears to me wasting his time and money on futile exercise. Other contenders as we will discuss are the no-good-Muslim aspirants, given their lack of concern for the health and vitality of their people other than their sons and with sectional groups.
If they return the looted funds like the Paris club refund, it will impact on the lives of Nigerians. Thereafter, we talk of vision and divisiveness. The real bane of progress is the total lack of understanding of the War Against Indiscipline (WAI) by Buhari in 1984 that Nigerians rejected and instead embraced what turned out like some Maradona. The disaster is what has given birth to the PDP elements that have destroyed Nigeria and are bent on destroying it further. Saraki and co should ask themselves, if they were the down-trodden masses with meagre earnings in Abuja and Lagos, as well as the state and LGs capitals with large families, how will they cope? But as Governors , Senators, Ministers and top ranking technocrats living well, they are not satisfied with the packages and have to be harassed and disgraced by anti-graft agencies for being ungrateful and dishonourable for the monumental corruption. Which comes first – fighting corruption to pay them wages or insulting their intelligence and gimmickry to divert real issues in the name of phantom word called “vision”. If Savannah bank was made bankrupt by other clever people some smart “419” and they bankrupted Savannah and escaped to India or elsewhere, will Saraki accept them telling him, that is “vision”?
The question of 2019 is just a matter of time. Unfortunately, it would appear to me that most of the clueless northern presidential aspirants now making wild charges and unimpressive bravado as lions are mere lambs. The PDP, during the inglorious 8 years of Obasanjo misrule, was swimming in US Dollars with money cascading into the treasury that Buhari lamented Nigeria never got but wasted for the ego of “how dare you Baba Obasanjo”. Nigerians remained distressed during OBJ with no meaningful infrastructure, water and light, except to insult the late General Abatcha who, despite with dwindling revenues even by NADECOS accounts, performed 100 times better than OBJ. Instead of building more houses for Nigerians, the government being brutal and sadistic going by the OBJ persona sold the existing assets. They sold the gimmick called “monetisation” and phantom MDGs and to make matters worse the cash proceeds got missing. The billions of missing US Dollars to power projects; NNPC missing proceeds; N350 billion OBJ is said to have given Anenih for road construction across the country which also got missing and so on. This column had stated earlier that Obasanjo was accused for corruption by the late Sunday Awoniyi that tagged him as “spiritually corrupt” and Ghali Na’abba who also tagged Obasanjo as the “most corrupt Nigerian” as published in the Daily Trust.
Had the PDP continued with GEJ in 2015, the country would have been destroyed. The confused Niger Deltans saw the oil as their own and the PDP elements especially the minorities.
In a democracy, whether they like it or not the majority must have its way.
In 2015, the then Governor of CBN Lamido Sanusi, reported by Premium Times on May 14, 2015 had reacted to the recent audit report by PricewaterhouseCoopers on the alleged missing US Dollar 20.0 billion oil money, saying the report has confirmed in the first instance that at least US Dollars 18.5 billion was indeed missing. Mr Sanusi faulted the petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, who said the report had exonerated the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporration, NNPC, earlier of diverting the money.”In addition, that “The former CBN governor said of the US Dollars 18.5 billion in revenues that the state oil company did not send to the government according to PwC, “about US Dollars 12.5 billion appears by my calculations to have been diverted”.
Further, it was disclosed that, “Mr Sanusi had accused the NNPC of failing to pay about 20.0 US Dollars in oil revenue to the government between 2013 and 2013”. The callousness and the endless corruption of the PDP under GEJ revealed by Sanusi says “In spite of the subsidy claims for which NNPC withheld US Dollars 3.4 billion for the period, Nigerians were still made to pay an average of N120 and N140 per litre of kerosene, far more than the supposed subsidised price of N50. Sanusi added that “I have consistently held that this (subsidy of kerosene claim by NNPC) was a scam that violated the constitution and siphoned off money from the treasury”. It was revealed again that the PwC report concluded that a significant part of the unremitted funds were used to finance kerosene subsidy, such decision lacked presidential approval as former President Umar Musa had stopped kerosene subsidy at the time.”
It is instructive that in an interview with the Indian Ambassador to Nigeria during the Jonathan/ Diezani impunity, he warned that the crude oil was a buyer’s market. How could Nigeria be selling government crude oil through a third party to a government. Unbelievably, that was the corruption saga and the scandal of the lawless PDP/GEJ/Diezani without shame. At the LNG in Bonny Island, the dividend proceeds declared and paid to the Federal Government was never remitted to the Federation account and yet the so-called Muslim aspirants wishing to “make Nigeria great” were competing to court favour for crumbs.They cared less if the whole north was turned into a Gaza strip a la the Zionists predators and the cursed by the tongue of Jesus and David. Jesus son of Mary said how could they escape the damnation of hell, these vipers and serpents!
Now back to Makarfi who was the Senate’s finance committee chairman. It is self serving for a man who his sankira or praise singer deceives him as to think and believe “APC fears him”. Premium Times on May 28, 2014 says “Missing US Dollar 20 billion: Nigerian Senate clears Alison-Madueke, says no money missing”. The Senate’s finance committee, which probed the allegation, said Wednesday it found no evidence that the huge sum was diverted or stolen, and described Mr Sanusi’s claim as “incorrect” and misleading”. “There was never any unremitted US Dollars 49.8 billion,” the committee headed by Ahmed Makarfi, said. Jonathan removed Sanusi in February 2015 and accused him of “financial recklessness” to the pleasure of business as usual PDP Senators who agree with Jonathan that “theft” is not “corruption” after all.
That reminds me of two former colleagues at the former NIDB in 1983. One was from the south-west and the other from the south-south. The former once said to me Engr Fari “I do not trust any Nigerian”. And I said “including me”. No Engr. Fari “not including you”. He lamented and said “you see these our so called leaders if they will be contented with stealing 10% and use the 90% to spend for Nigerians, we will be somewhere”. The latter also was of the view one day that we were conversing that “whenever a Nigerian says anything, the first thing that comes to his mind is “na lie”.”The Nigerian Senators should know that Nigerians do not trust them. Now with baboons not contented to steal 1o% but the bulk of the oil proceeds and over 100%, how can anybody believe them when they accused the CBN governor of “incorrect” or “misleading” comments.
It would appear to me that the race for public office and juicy National Assembly is at the centre of this evil, given that more than 75% of former Governors have cases within anti graft agencies. That the race for public office is for these “mad” men according to former EFCC chairman to attain the enviable position of what I watched at MBC 2 channel round end of September 2018 to become the “King of Thieves”.
Cry my beloved country.

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