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Published On: Fri, Sep 28th, 2018

Thoughts on the 2019 elections (1)

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FRIDAY Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

Strategic thinking and strategic planning are part and parcel of business, power struggle and war. When there is a transition from one term of office to another as designed in our democracy, individuals and parties struggle it out. Do-or-die as stated by the PDP under Obasanjo assumes deadly dimensions from looters in the Nigerian democratic conquests. Like war, each would assemble his arsenals and missiles ready for confrontation. The “war” or is it “do-or-die” among the individual contenders in the same party and simultaneously against the opponents outside their party overule common sense. Money, wits, permutations and combinations and variable analysis as we learnt in our Mathematics course in the second year at the faculty of engineering come into play. We had to learn the Mathematics of Physics in modern engineering how to understand scenario building or variables under different circumstances.
Like one wishes to marry a girl to put it in a lay man’s language. If I marry this girl will she deliver children at all? Even though only the true and practising Muslims face such challenges in the first instance. The variable analysis is, will the first baby be a boy or a girl? Will the girl be born under normal birth or the mother needs an operation? If it is twins will they be all boys or girls? Or will it be a boy or a girl? The variable analysis will continue, if it is a boy will he look like me or my wife. Or will she, if a girl, look like my mother or father? It could also be she will look or he will look like my wife’s father or mother. The variables could be like her grandfather or father or a distant relation. And so on and so on. In mechanical engineering, when you send a rocket in the outer space, will it explode as it did during the days of former US President Reagan? Indeed, it exploded after he bombed former Libya’s leader, the late Col. Ghaddafi’s compound and these privileged terrorists with nuclear weapons armed to the teeth killed his adopted daughter deliberately.
The Punch did a cartoon showing nemesis catching up with US President Reagan holding his head and wondering “Kathafi” as the paper was on the side of the imperialists. About 4 or so of the astronauts burnt to ashes during the explosion including a woman and a black. The globalisation terror matrix had been having sleepless nights to end the life of the Libyan leader Ghaddafi with the support of Saudi and Arabs who side with the US. Reagan died a vegetable with Alzheimer disease that renders the victim releasing excrement like a baby as it was reported. So being a US President is not a license against the vengeance of nature that spending the whole of the US treasury cannot mitigate. Former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon that gave Palestinians sleepless nights remains in coma for over two years neither dead nor alive. This is somewhat revealing.
Killing of opponents in order to live and let die is an art in politics at the local and the global arena. Buhari was away in London after being poisoned and many strategists in the 2019 permutations and combinations were celebrating his road to the oblivion. Whatever Allah the Creator of all things wishes and decrees will be done no one can stop it. But most aspirants being men of the world whose living interests is to loot and for the 16 years of PDP misrule, believed looting the treasury is “vision” and not corruption. They who do not believe in the Creator of the heaven and the earth who has no son or wife and there is none like Him.
If He had a son then as a grandfather of 18 children will ask where are his grandchildren’s children? Even some naïve religious sects made wild statements and swore blindly that Buhari was never to be again. He would never return to Nigeria they swore and would never smell the Aso Rock villa. Many desperate aspirants thought as much and could not believe it would be otherwise now he is in charge and the C in C of the armed forces. The 14 shallow minded aspirants from the north should now accept it that they are most likely to proceed without ever smelling Aso Rock. The evil they did as governors, ministers or shakers and movers will live after them no matter the noise in the media and the chicanery in the National Assembly.
Some cultists as they say believe that after the poisoning, Buhari “died” but came back as another person as I learnt last week during a conversation. Notwithstanding the total onslaught, the traducers keep loosing on all counts. Like Muhammad Ali, the former World heavy weight champion, Buhari keeps giving them a TKO in the ring. The plans A-Z have backfired and now because many do not believe that it is Allah (SWT) that gives power in their hearts of hearts but devils and fortune tellers and the worship of Jinns or the diabolical use of human parts and the dogmas of their ancestors. If his class of people do not repent they will be double loosers in the world and beyond, given that most and any at over 60 years are candidates for the grave sooner than later. That you cannot loot the treasury and dole out the proceeds to your children and spouses and expect your family to live in peace.
The National Assembly immediately after the President was sworn in became battle ready to outwit or blackmail him. First they started with the budget padding that the log-rolling spent forces were ingenious at. That did not work. Next came the foot dragging in passing the appropriation bill. Then yet again came the delay in approving appointments that required the endorsements of the Assembly. Then the sleeping over of Bills that are for good of the country. All that failing, spitting fire on the status of the anti corruption czar at the EFCC called Magu. They failed and there were the circulation of impeachments which they found too hot to handle.
The consultations moved to changing the sequence of the elections so they could wangle the defeat of Buhari through the back door. Again it backfired and somehow it did not see the light of day. Now hear comes the mother of all wars in the form of defections and realignments and balancing of the Lagos type moluwe that the tires and the tire rods and the bearings have worn out. The vehicle remains wobbling and the engine of the bus needs overhaul because of poor maintenance and the overload of passengers. The tear and wear due to the endless shuttles between the other side of the bridge where the masses like Soweto in the ghettoes of South Africa or the cities of the US and the side of the rich side of the cities where they eke out a living. Or the VI in lagos and the slums of the likes of Ajegunle and Oshodi in Lagos.
So next we survey the new gimmicks of the desperate anti-Buhari gimmicks that are sending as usual deceptive paradigms called “vision” as a substitute for corruption. Good talk but return the looted funds like the Paris club refund that Ortom is now using to pay his workers salaries and pensions. In the last 3 years Ortom and co just were using what others say “hired” killers to confuse issues. With N14.3 billion from Buhari that PDP in the 16 years never gave to Benue but swallowed it in the mantra called corruption while workers and citizens wallowed in poverty. So which is first, to return the looted funds to make life better for Nigerians or to deceive them as Saraki in the Nation newspaper over last week end said with an insult called “vision” while corruption has a field day?

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