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Published On: Fri, Jul 26th, 2019

The visage of employment in Nigeria

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By Salim Umar Ibrahim

The insipid hope for a better life in this day is usually associated with the kind of job or business one does for a living. But does it make any sense to be a reason why graduates and many of our job seekers satisfactorily blame the government and substantial employers? Unfortunately, it’s not that really! Employers mostly like candidates for their job openings with practical experience.
But sadly, to a very extensive limit, securing a government job now has become a thing of “Who you know” or “Who knows you”, not your qualification nor your eligibility. And at the same time, following the massive unemployed graduates and professionals who are just a step out of your office building waiting to be granted the opportunity to show up what they have to offer to their best. Low profile employee would likely produce the most outcomes expected because, they don’t know the taste of money yet, and are always looking up to an opportunity.
“Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for the love of it” – Henry David Thoreau.
Thus it’s hard nowadays to find a trustworthy employee; it must also be a good point always considering his/her potentials.
“People will perform at their potential only when they know almost everyone around them” – Ricardo Sembler.
If only due process and eligibility would be considered when employing or promoting someone for a particular job, be it whatever type and its specifications, then there will surely come a very healthy and breeding of a competitive employee. And only when we take a glance at these prospects, then we will tread in the lane of sturdy and sound profiling personnel without contemplation and avoidance of mismatch.
Sequel to the above great men quotations, it moves anxiety in the minds of fellow working class personage and at the same time creates a piece of egotistical feeling considering the hole process of employment and promotion is drowning into, which consequently is facing a great challenge today to an acute rising figure in the nation.
Promoting egotism is the main trail employment process and promotion is facing irrespective of the state of the nation in this day. When we look at our cosmic government parastatals/agencies, ministries and other government bodies, the issue of top ranking personnel mostly does not come from merit or eligibility. It’s only done in the way that; I, as a boss, I must satisfy my people, as well as my political godfathers with a fruitful appointments and contracts where they will go and get something before we all went out of the opportunity. Terrible!
It is there you will discern an employee who has gathered a vast experience in a particular workplace for more than 20years of service but has not reached anywhere in his career, and retirement is on the corner. And these are the ones who train their superiors, show them round and how they will operate when someone is being appointed to that workplace, because, they knew nothing about the environment and the type of job they were sent to deliver. Why not the old employee who has known every single corner of the environment and the flows of the job? Just because the top ranks/positions are reserved for certain individuals.
Only competitive companies and professional bodies like the media use this medium in their organizations. Promoting a staff on merit or based on his/her commitment to the job. SMEs and the NGOs keep this into consideration too. It’s really high time government agencies cultivate this habit and rub out venal attitude toward employees.
Just take a look at places like the INEC and the likes; most of the top rankings at INEC are occupied with individuals who have no idea about what type of job is done there. When there are many there who have served the commission their entire lives and are yet to reach to those top positions. Some have been even retired while some are still there. Every now and then you will see someone being appointed to your station as your boss while he never worked with the commission. This is the main reason why we will never produce a quality staff and do the expected thing.
If only these types of appointments will stop, then a very reasonable part of corruption will be cut off in the nation, and our workplaces will be shaped in a manner by which Ricardo Sembler and Henry David Thoreau suggest. Let and give power to everyone in his workplace to remain there and do his job!

Salim Umar Ibrahim is a freelance writer.

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