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Published On: Wed, Jan 30th, 2019

The treatment of Diabetic Kidney disorders using acupuncture therapy

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(1). Diabetes injures the small blood vessels in the body.
• When injury happens to the blood vessels in the kidneys then the kidneys cannot clean the blood properly.
• This means that the body will retain more water and salt than it should
• When this happens, the outcome is likely to be a gain in weight coupled with swelling of ankles.
• There may be protein found in the urine and there will be a build up of waste materials in the blood.
2.​ Diabetes also causes damage to the nerves. It is also possible for this condition to cause difficulty in emptying the bladder. A full bladder can result in HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE Building up and this too can cause injury to kidneys.
3.​ If urine remains in the bladder for a long time, there will be a rapid growth of bacteria because of the high sugar level in the blood and this can lead to infections developing.
In the early stages in diabetes, the blood filtering units of the kidneys start to exhibit damage. When this happens important proteins are lost in the urine. As the disease progresses, the kidneys become unable to remove waste products from the blood.
​Like other aspects of diabetes there are no symptoms of the disease until it progresses to the late stages. When symptoms do appear they will include:
(a) Fatigue
(b) Insomnia
(c) Weakness
(d) Vomiting
(e) Swelling
​Diabetic kidney problems can be prevented by taking the following measures:
(i)​​Keep blood glucose levels under control.
(ii)​Keep blood pressure under control
(iii)​Have the kidneys checked at least once a year by having the urine tested for small amounts of protein (i.e. urine protein test).
(iv)​Make sure your medical advice is carefully followed.
(v)​Contact a medical practitioner immediately if you suspect a bladder or kidney infection.
(vi)​Use dietary control and/or medication to prevent high blood sugar.
Please note that testing the kidney is a must. Urine testing is particularly helpful in this respect. Also please note that urine testing is not the best way for testing diabetes because it is not as accurate as blood tests. However, urine testing is of great value as a MONITOR check on kidney health.
Finally, I cannot repeat this enough DO NOT USE TOBACCO!

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