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Published On: Mon, Dec 22nd, 2014

The place of Nigerian youth in politics

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By Aliyu Suleiman Bida

What is the relationship between the youths and the politics? The youth stage is characterized by freshness, vigour, a dynamic spirit. Researchers have defined youth through personal experience in terms of an individual level which can be manned in various ways according to different cultural perspectives. Personal experience is marked by an individual’s culture, norms and tradition, while youth level of tendency refers to the extent to which they still rely on their family emotionally and economically. ‘Believe me when I said your parent are your government’, not these politicians. Note that human beings thrive under responsibility and purpose. It is just natural, when any sense of duty or responsibility is removed from one’s life, it create a void that often leads to undesirable result.

Today, Nigerian youths are locked manacle by the politicians of our nation and they become so powerless to the extent that they fail to realize that they have been manhandle by the politicians of our nation, while the little ones who happen to realize their mistakes are now in the state of nausea, what an alarming situation filled with lots of regret! Why can’t you remain opacity to these politicians who sees you as jobless and economical backward citizens? They believe that all they need to provide for you is just to give you little money since they already know that you are economically backward and by doing that, they will achieve their aims and leave you in your state of poverty that at the end of it you ask yourself what you have achieved. It is a belief that 60-70% of youths that politicians use nowadays are only offered little money to smoke and drink narcotics and alcohol. If you happen to be a smoker or drunker why don’t you ask yourself before campaigning days were you not smoking before then? If yes, how do you source money for smoking? Obviously it wasn’t the politicians that supplied you with the funds for smoking.

Then, why can’t you stop gallivanting around and stop fighting people in the name of your so called flag bearers representing a political party that even if they win the election today and they leave for their various positions, they tend to forget you and leave you in your former condition with the people you were fighting all in the name of politics without any achievement.

Today, voters and most of the major parties have become so heavily wedded to the notion of universal credits to grave welfare provision that all the political parties have now adopted very similar socialist platforms. These politicians know that if they tell you the truth they will never be elected so they keep watery mouth and making unrealistic promises that will persuade and convince you to elect them. These people only remember you when the next election is approaching. Why can’t youths understand the underlining trend so as to anticipate what the future holds for them? These politicians are so parsimonious but only claim to bring change into the community in terms of their campaigns, sometimes they are so parochialism contrast on their interest. When are you going to believe or realize that most of these politicians’ words or promises are all hogwash? Why can’t you make yourself look so debonair in the eyes of these politicians of our nation? As a youth, you should have a lot of capacious view to make yourself a better person tomorrow, to make yourself that leader of tomorrow that your forefathers use to tell you in the future to come than for you to be hanging on bosses in the name of campaigning and engaging yourself fighting for one aspirant or the other because of the little money that will be given to you. Why can’t you ask yourself since you have been doing that what have you achieved? By the way, you  are a secondary school graduate; have any one attempt to sponsor you to further your education? Or as a diploma holder or a graduate, have any one considered your application? Remember, not to show you’re economically backward. Try to live responsible, with time you will achieve the best in life.

It is wide opened everywhere that if a politician renovate a class room, it is news but thousands of classrooms are out there that need to be rebuild but they are not news worthy. For instance, let’s take a look at government girl’s secondary school Bida Niger state which their dining room has no roof, and these students are sometimes representing their school in other states in terms of quiz. Then, if truly girl’s child education should be encouraged, why it is that government girl’s college Bida is having students only from SS class not from JSS to SS class while primary school leavers are out there looking for admission in boarding schools.

Youths the earlier the better you chose for yourself the life you want to live before you turn yourself to executive beggar. As the Nigeria former president Gen Dr. Yakubu Gowon GCFR said in his book titled after NYSC what next? ‘There is enough for everybody except for the ignorance or the illiterate, which by the grace of god you are not.’again ‘ financial prudence is not in how much you earn or how fast you spend but how much you keep and for how long you keep then against aggressive contended demand’. According to Christopher Morly there are three basic ingredients in the good life of human; earning, learning and hearing. ‘In Yakubu Gowon’s book he explained the difference between asset and liability that ‘an asset is anything that puts money into your pocket while liability is anything that take money out of your pocket’ do you want remain a liability to others? Then, know that ignorance is bliss. But no one was ever promoted for  being blissful.

Be objective, set for yourself what you want to achieve in everything you do and always believe in yourself that yes you can do what others think you cannot do, let people judge you in a way that you will change their expectations towards their belief against you.


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