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Published On: Fri, Nov 10th, 2017

The no automatic ticket for Buhari fantasia

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FRIDAY Column BY Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

The Sunday Trust of November 5, 2017 on page 24 online reactions or what readers are saying make interesting reading. Readers commented on Sule Lamido another stooge of Obasanjo on 2019. About 30 respondents comments were expressed. All about 2 were on the fence. The overwhelming verdict was in support of Buhari. It might suffice to capture some of these views.
“Sule Lamido should forget about ruling Nigeria, he is not the right man for the job.” Jibrin Audu
“I have not seen any alternative to President Muhammad Buhari yet.” Prince Sadiq
“President Muhammad Buhari is honest but at the moment I don’t think he is in charge.” Okechukwu Adeleke Yahaya. It would appear as if the fellow has a WAZOBIA name.
“Sule Lamido and the PDP should know that there is no vacancy in Aso rock. Instead of us to allow the PDP to return, we will retain Buhari and the APC.” Isaac Awotidoye Comrade
“PMB is our choice unless he is not interested. And if he says he is not interested, we will look for another man with integrity.” Mohammed Lawal Tanko
“Buhari is the answer to our problems, so he
The stooge of Obasanjo despite the exposure that he was indicted for payments of public money to his children would appear to me one kind. Of course a politician is a man of many words. He has no shame to say that he will stand for the President since jokers like GEJ and a host got away with short-changing Nigeria without going to jail. When one reads the headlines of the Daily Trust about Lamido and sons, like a family limited liability company, will understand more. With respect to corruption and or the disturbance of public peace charges, The Daily Trust of May 2 2017 says “BREAKING: Court remands ex gov Sule Lamido in prison custody”. Daily Trust of July 12 says “How Sule Lamido is living with his two sons inside 105 years Kurmawa prison”. The Daily Trust again on “money laundering and illegal diversion of public funds” reports in July 2017 about “EFCC re-arraigns Lamido, sons”. Yet again the Daily Trust reports on “Corruption: The story of fathers, sons on trial”. If late Mallam Aminu Kano were alive, may have a heart attack. Or will say wonders in the world and et tu Lamido!
It is instructive however, that his “lord” Obasanjo was dealt with appropriately by the no nonsense former Head of State Abatcha and humbled him to the dust. Lamido therefore should not give room for deception or self deception in his criticism for Buhari. PDP he rode for 16 years had been dishonourable and the party should disband itself and change its name and reject all those thieves that have looted funds with new blood. Where any former governors are indicted (for all have assets above their means) with the ministers and other crooked public officers caught in the act should be retired from politics, and sent to the maximum prison. The Judiciary in Nigeria and the SANs are used from the facts on the ground to short-circuit justice. We may not wish the Jerry Rawlings solution to catch on with them which they fully deserve. However, if they insist, do not say I told you. No wonder they shamelessly ask Buhari to remove Magu as if they have been forgiven to steal by the divine Command.
The desperations by corrupt elements to poison Buhari so he would die following the Urubebe’s and the minefields and elephant traps they placed on the way to Buhari bid for the presidency keep failing. The stooges of Obasanjo should respond to the charge by former Speaker Ghali Naabba who stated in the Daily Trust that their “lord” Obasanjo is “the most corrupt Nigerian”. We are waiting for Obasanjo to take Nabba to court or come out clean by publishing his balance sheet. After all when he was released from the prison, he was like a church rat. In any case, the adage which says the friend of a thief is what? Nigerians especially the Yoruba Afenifere and NADECO after the benefit of the hind sight give Abatcha better rating than Obasanjo who received billions from oil and gas Dollars proceeds but which he wasted the resources. His living interest was seeking loyalty from any Nigerian irrespective of his color. Nigerians believe that Obasanjo should not carry himself as anything to write home about. If any his 8 years sojourn was appropriately labeled by a musician as“Nigeria jaga-jaga”.
With respect to OBJ, if the stooges cannot defend their master Obasanjo, let them keep their mouth shut and answer the EFCC charges. After all as a former Governor of Jigawa he was paid very well more than any of the citizen of the state with the public treasury. He had free breakfast, lunch and dinner. He had the freedom to eat chicken, lamb, steak, well prepared kosai and danwake and waina with burabusko laden with assorted meats and asparagus with sorties to wash his tummy. If he reads about the Prophets and the companions, is that the way they lived. After all the free meals for himself and family, thereafter billions from treasury went “missing” for his family? As a Muslim, if indeed he is a practicing Muslim, he should go round the towns and villages and see to the conditions of Jigawa masses and their children.
Allah (SWT) promises to throw into the Hellfire any arrogant servant. With respect to fraud in governance, as if that is not enough, the governors awarded themselves N200.0 million as pensions upfront. If one is a truly practicing Muslim, should not have difficulty with coming to terms with anti-corruption drive. These “Muslim” anti-Buhari elements should reflect on the verses on the dialogue between Allah (SWT) and His Prophet Nuh (Noah) with respect to his unfaithful child that was drowned in the heavy deluge. Prophet Nuhu could not intercede on his behalf and was warned by Allah (SWT) strongly not to over step his bounds. And Prophet Nuhu is one of the foremost among the five Prophets. Reflect on Hud: 41-47 in the Qur’an.
So what will a stooge of a Christian animist say before his Lord Allah (SWT). These politicians wiII not live for more than 100 years on earth from now. One is living in great delusion and fantasia because I was a former President, Governor or Vice President, Minister and any transient post. They all get hungry eat and discharge excrement terribly smelly in their toilets. Yet they walk tall and talk ignorantly as if they are not accountable to Allah (SWT). What a pity. If one believes in Islam let him be seen to live by it. Islam has a code of conduct. So people above 63 years like myself and even the devoted youth cannot be deceived by temporary glitter and arrogance. When they are thrown in Kuje prison all the stamina will diminish. When Obasanjo left prison, he looked something else like the hunger stricken Somali refugee. So what, a Governor built infrastructure and social amenities in his state with the government money? Were you elected to do otherwise? So what a Governor has sent the children abroad to study on a scholarship? What do the laws say is your function? In contrast they built the infrastructures for themselves and families and that is what is unacceptable and called corruption and calls for one being locked in prison.
Like a product, each party and politician is to sell self to the user public. PDP had the chance for 16 years to do it. Why did they deceive themselves and the ordinary Nigerians? For elements struggling to hide their loots coming with evasions and diversionary tactics to hoodwink Nigerians on facts about their misrule will not work. We do not expect Buhari to be 100%. But the PDP were a collective failure with a score of less than 20%. Very irresponsible animals who thought they would continue to rule arrogantly for over 60 years stealing. The big for nothing party was rejected at the polls pants down. The party was an amalgam of a very greedy, naïve and a bundle of selfish fools. How can you admit a student with less than 20% in any course?
What every Nigerian needs is a leader that pursues justice and common good for all. The many comments in the papers about Buhari speak for themselves. It is a mark of stupidity to narrow our thinking to Buhari personality only. Those fighting Buhari should know at best he could not go beyond 2023. The right attitude is to do away with jungle politics. An honest politician as proved with Buhari has the sky as his limit as far as Nigerians are concerned. We must praise the majority of Nigerians for identifying what is good for them despite rogue elements in the country. The choice of Buhari demonstrates this resilience. What we need is to establish a school of politics to graduate people with Buhari point of view and discard the likes of Fayoshe, Lamido and PDP type of do-or-die politics that Obasanjo propagated.
The sooner the likes of Obasanjo and their stooges like Lamido stay quiet and retire and die the better for Nigerians as they are what I should like to believe a failure to the black race. At over 64 years of age with 17 grandchildren, I will tell this to the younger ones. They are far from role models.

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