The myths and fallacies about late Ameh Oboni’s magical powers

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  1. Atta Ame Oboni was a king with many sides. That he had and used supernatural powers is not in doubt, even as some of the tales were exaggerated and the feat of other notable Igala strong men(e.g Anaja Oboni) erroneously ascribed to him. In these days of emphasis on concrete evidence, it may be difficult to substantiate some of the claims about his feat. However, this does not mean that they were completely untrue. Atta Ame had his trustworthy driver and his friends, honourable men in the true sense of the word, who testified to some of these stories.So, that Atta Ame removed his crown and bees stung the Northern Nigerian Chiefs and colonial officials was one more incident that strenghtened the resolve of the colonial authorities to remove the “fetish” Atta. But that he cursed Sanusi cannot be substantiated. It was even rumoured that the recently deposed Emir tried to stand in the way of the present Attah asceding the throne.

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