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Published On: Fri, May 23rd, 2014

The music of rhythm and immorality

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By Tobias Lengnan Dapam

To say that today’s Nigeria music is a recorded rhythm devoid of meaning and a major means of campaigning for immorality is no news. In fact, it has even stripped a lot of young ladies today who walk naked in the street in the name of fashion of their dignity.

The industry as viewed by observers has abandoned its sole responsibility of reflecting societal values to create rhythm and corrupt the moral behaviour of its audience, especially the youths.

Nigerian youths have today key in to the most of the characters in the musical video they watch. The video which usually showcase naked dancing women to the tune of un lyrical music has changed the psyche of their ardent viewers.

Speaking to Peoples Daily on the style of music in the country, Abuja based music artist, Beatrice Ugwu, said the industry is full of garage music.

“99% of our music these days are purely garage music. There is no meaning, no inspiration and nothing to learn. In other climes, music is meant to reveal the societal ills. For instance, music about corruption, hatred, love must covey those lyrics to the people. People should know what the lyrics are all about.

“However, our case here are quite strange. There is nothing to learn from the music. They only record rhythm to make their audience to dance. Songs like ‘Skelewu’ ‘Carolina’ and a lot of others do not have any meaning. They are just aimed at making people to dance”.

While comparing Nigeria music with other foreign music, the artist said Nigeria has a long way to go before it will meet up with other countries.

“If we really want to sing and produce quality music, we have a long way to go. Presently, there is no basis for comparism between our music and foreign music. Americans have gone far, producing music with quality lyrics that are remembered even year’s after the death of their singers”

“The likes of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and a host of others have died that their music remain fresh as if sang yesterday. Meanwhile in our own case, the music doesn’t last two months”.

Also speaking, Emmanuella Dikkos,attributed the crase for rhythm in the music industry to the dominance of Yoruba music which has taken over the style of music in the country.

“Everything in the music industry now is about the Yoruba culture. Musicians in the country always force themselves to sing in Yoruba whether it makes sense or not. The western culture has a lot rhythm, and now it has become the major symbol of the Nigerian music.

“Almost all the artists who are not Yoruba presently use the language in their music because of its rhythm. And most times you discover that the music does not have any lyric aside showcasing of naked video and repetition”.

On who stands out in the music industry, the artists single out 2face Idibia, she said the Benue state born artist stands out among others.

“2face is naturally talented. His music has meaning and he does not key in to what others do. His style of music is very unique. African queen for instance is still a music to behold anywhere any time. If others were to sing like him, we won’t be having this issues of dry and meaningless music- where the musician leaves the audience to wonder about the meaning of the song”.

Based on the public rating, observers believe that the music has lost track with the realities in the country. They call for a total revolution in the music industry to reflect values and respect for human dignity.

The music should imitate the likes of late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who used his music to mobilize Nigerians against corruption by the military.


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