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Published On: Wed, Jan 3rd, 2018

The masses poor understanding of SWOT Analysis

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By Kehinde Oluwatosin B.

My background as a strategic management student availed me the opportunity of studying several management and strategic analytic tools. Due to my repeated studying of some of these concepts, I have come to apprehend its manifold importance both in professional and sociological dimensions. Some of these strategic tools include but not limited to PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, Boston consulting group matrix (BCG),life cycle model, Potter’s five forces,Ansoff’s growth matrix etc.
For the purpose of this treatise I will focus only on SWOT analysis which is a technique for identifying key factors that might affect business strategy. SWOT is an initialism for strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. In an organization scenario the strengths and weaknesses often are concerned with the internal capabilities and core competencies of an entity while threats and opportunities are concerned with factors and developments outside the Organization’s environment.
The management of an organization is required as part of her fiduciary duty to maximize the organization’s strengths, minimize its weaknesses,exploit its opportunities and reduce threats that creates adverse risk for the entity’s future prospect.A proper application of the SWOT model ensures an organization creates value and by extension maximize shareholder’s wealth.
The Nigerian political class who are often privileged to have the double honour of being the elite class and also the miniscule class are often great adherent of the tenets of SWOT analysis although with the caveat of maximizing the element of opportunity in the technique to a great effect than the other elements in the technique.
The Nigerian political class understand that in an organization system to maximize wealth is to maximize to a great effect the opportunities available to the organization.That is why every time the rulers of Nigeria are about to effect a change in the country’s strategic positioning, she ensure she maximizes you because she often sees you as an opportunity to be exploited. This minority ruling class is abreast of your critical mass,She is aware of your large numbers, she is aware of the privileges your critical mass confers, that is why she always identify with you especially in a time like this when election is closer- she sees the strength of your numbers as an opportunity to be exploited . I hardly get amused when I see any of Nigeria’s political class stoop low to share a morsel of Gàrí and ‘kúnlíkúnlí’ with the poor or when she decides to buy bòlì and groundnut from a poor vendor and consume with pedestrians. Many of you jump in ecstasy and start sharing pictures of such populist gestures on social media while you perorate about her kind gestures. She is not stupid or humble as you often wager, but rather she’s armed with a deep understanding of the symbolism of opportunity as significant to her ascension unto power.
Nigeria’s political class is aware of your critical mass ,she knows she can’t outnumber you since democracy is about numbers.The Nigerian political class has several ways of ensuring this mass fatalism of submission is achieved in you; she deliberately destroys education so that the critical thoughts and civic agency necessary for liberation is deprived from you,she deliberately ensures you continuously live in poverty so that when she brings her demonic stomach infrastructure, the pangs of your waiting tummy can only beg for more,she deliberately ensures that you are polarized along ethnic and religious lines so that you can kill one another and hence no politician is accused of killing you,she ensures that fuel is unnecessarily scarce during festivities so that perspiration can soak you like a river for attempting to buy only four litres of fuel and when a member of his ilk who is aware of your hardship sells a change mantra to you ,you wouldn’t have a choice than to submit to fate.
The Nigerian political class has a very good understanding of SWOT analysis but ironically the followers hardly understand it,while the political class understands the import of the opportunity element of the SWOT analysis and has maximized it to a great effect, the followers have failed to maximize her strength. The strength of the Nigerian masses is in her numbers, that large number gives the privilege of civic defiance,bargaining and negotiation, however, in Nigeria it is quite ironic that it’s the wealthy ,the elite who on few occasions (especially when objective aligns) fight for the good of the helpless. As 2019 elections beacons the Nigerian political class are busy pathfinding ways to ensure she makes the best use of you- her best chance at power, this path to power is often properly planned aforetime with several deliberate hardship that curries you into a state of helplessness so that when the election comes proper you are left with no choice than a helpless submission to fate.
This is a time for the masses to express her strength in numbers and ensures it translate into meaningful gains ,enough of being an opportunistic tool in the hands of Nigeria’s ruling class.
Kehinde Oluwatosin Babatunde is a prolific writer and public speaker from Abeokuta Ogun State.

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