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Published On: Wed, Aug 27th, 2014

The insecurity challenge in Kano

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By Habibba Idris Dan’inna

The level of insecurity in Northern Nigeria is disturbing and there is the need for drastic measures for the situation to be brought under control to allow for peace and prosperity in the region. An average well to do northerner especially those in the north eastern part of the region live in constant fear. The mayhem unleashed on the residents of the region by the actions of the insurgents had affected them adversely and has even affected their psychology along with the wanton destruction of lives and properties. People are of varieties of opinion as to those behind the insurgency and the motive behind their action ,but whatever the reason may be, it is of utmost important for the situation to be curbed through synergy between the government and Nigerians so as to save the region from further destruction.

International condemnation, presidential condemnation and even condemnation from individuals have not helped in bringing about lasting solutions to the problems because the condemnation is not usually bailed with actions as they condemn and fall back and the incessant killings continue. The situation is even more deteriorating now that the insurgents have shifted from targeting security personnel to terrorising innocent citizens using different strategies that includes even teen female suicide bombers.

One of the factors that have allowed the insecurity to linger is insincerity from the side of the government as a lot of issues and a lot of things has happened that makes the situation looking like a conspiracy and a phenomenon that is difficult to understand. Another factor is politicising of the issue which has made the situation as pro rulling party and pro opposition parties are always blaming one another instead of coming together to confront the problem for the common good of Nigerians and Nigeria at large. Many people have been killed, properties worth billions of naira have been destroyed and the situation looks like something far that has an end, even though there is a common saying that “whatever has a starting point has an end-point”. All that is required is willingness and sincerity from the side of the government and co-operation among the citizens especially those in the regions affected by the insurgency.

The perpetual fear of attacks has stayed for too long and nothing good come from situations like it is than retrogression. The world is a place that should be peaceful and when there is this peace, all forms of development will prevail in shaa Allah. It is pertinent for the government to take action and Nigerians to come together to confront this situation.

Habiba Idris Dan’inna is a 400level student of mass communication department. Bayero University, Kano.


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