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Published On: Wed, Jul 9th, 2014

The impeachment plot against Al-Makura

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Gov-Al-makuraBy Bala Dan-Alkali

Some traditional and online Newspapers in this country were last week awash with news stories on fresh impeachment plot against Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura by the PDP controlled Nasarawa state House of Assembly. This impeachment story carried different headlines by newspapers. However all the information pieced together by these newspapers centred on the convergence of 20 lawmakers from Nasarawa state on the platform of the PDP at a guest house in Asokoro district of Abuja last Tuesday were fresh impeachment plot against Al-Makura was planned through the influenced of the PDP and the Presidency to enable the party regain control of the state. The fact that virtually all the newspapers that carried the story reported from same angle lent credence to the reliability of the story.

Although both the PDP and members of Nasarawa state Assembly have denied that there was no any plot to impeach Al-Makura, but given the desperation of PDP to remain the party to beat in 2015, one can hardly dismiss the story as figment of imagination of Newspaper reporters, as members of the state Assembly would want us to believe. PDP as a party, as some political analyst put it, is on the offensive against any perceived enemy ahead of 2015 and can stop at nothing to ensure they remain in power at whatever cost, hence the impunities exhibits by the PDP led federal government. There is of-course, no state controlled by the opposition APC that the PDP has not planted a deep-rooted animosity there, so as to on one hand, cause confusion so as to give APC a bad name and on the other hand to demonstrate their phantom superiority over other opposition parties.

Since the birth of the present democratic governance in 1999 the PDP by virtue of its control over federal resources and Agencies especially the Security has indeed, misused the mandate given to it freely by the people of Nigeria thereby make non-sense of the essence of democracy. The misuses of EFCC during Obasanjo administration as well as the recent cases of impunities being carry out by the PDP led federal government in all the APC’s controlled states are indeed classic points. In Nasarawa state, the politicization of the killings of scourge of security personnel on lawful duties to Alakyo by the PDP controlled federal government was also a sad reminder of putting party politics above precious life of citizens which from the prevailing situations across the country are the PDP’s defining features.

For example, while the PDP led federal government did not see or find anything wrong worth taking any action against the perpetrators of heinous crime relating to the killings of security operatives in Alakyo and the killings of other civilians and destructions of properties at various places in Nasarawa South by Omabatse militia but same PDP led federal government sees everything wrong in APC controlling Nasarawa thus the state must be reclaim by all means necessary. In fact, the PDP led federal government did not only refused to take any action on the killings of its security operatives but even went ahead to welcome into its fold, those that have been indicted by the Judicial Commission of Inquiry over Alakyo killings.

This scenery is but height of insensitivity. The purported Al-makura’s impeachment plan by the PDP controlled House could be seen therefore as not only selfish and callous but outright disregard to the sensibilities of the people of the state. To begin to talk of impeachment plot against Al-makura when people of the state have since realized the essence of democratic governance through popular policies and programmes initiated by the APC administration in the state, is but a direct affront on the peace and stability of the state.

For the benefit of hindsight, the coming of Al-makura led administration in 2011 was not by sheer accident, the people of the state deliberately decided to vote PDP out simply because of lack of development in the state. The 12 years of PDP administration has not impacted anything positive on the life of the people thus, the massive support which Al-makura gained was a demonstration of loss of confidence on the PDP led administration. What is more, in the last 3 years, Al-makura led Administration has proved to the people that his election was not a misplaced action as he has shown in concrete terms that people are the cornerstone of his administration hence the provisions of infrastructures critical to the development of the people of the state.

Despite the lean financial position of the state occasioned by poor allocation from the federation account and implementation of new minimum wage, Al-makura led administration was able to not only stay afloat but remained consistent in policy direction geared towards moving the state to prosperity. In fact what Al-makura deserved at this stage is commendation not only for his efforts at provision of dividend of democracy to the people but for being prudent in the management of state resources, hence prudency, transparency and fear of God has always being the guiding principles of his administration in the state.

Members of the State House of Assembly must therefore put the interest of the state first before partisan politics. They must realize the fact Nasarawa state is the only state we can call our own. While we are not in anyway, saying Members of the State Assembly should not carry-out their constitutional role but in going about discharging these responsibilities they must follow the path righteousness to avoid injuring the sensibilities of the people of the state. Since already there is widespread apprehension in the state to the effect that the planned impeachment of Al-makura was motivated by selfish considerations.

It is an incontestable fact that Al-makura has in the last 3 years endeared himself into the minds of the people of the state through his popular policies and programmes thus, any attempt to impeach him would render the state to unpleasant situation which of-course amounting to not only counter- productive but antithesis of any democratic governance.

Since Members of the State Assembly through Hon Baba Ibaku, chairman House committee on Information and security have come out to reassure the people of the state that there was no any plan to impeach Al-makura, saying ‘lawmakers in the state have no such agenda on ground’ the good people of Nasarawa state would however, take them by their words.

Dan-Alkali wrote in from Awe, Nasarawa state.


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