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Published On: Tue, Feb 18th, 2020

The future of contemporary youth

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By Salim Umar Ibrahim

Moved by the current development and challenging factors that are most pointing the perception of our youth’s future nowadays really agitates in the state of the environment and community in general.
It is with deep regards I see this as a major factor that I have to ascertain my pen to write up this piece because, I have seen the four walls of the contemporary youths temperament. Don’t ask me if I told you I did see someone who cut his nails in the dark! Hmmm… where are we hoping to?
Looking back to the history of youths in the past two decades, we have completely loss it. Nothing is put to practice nowadays as we all have given it away.
Youths are generally seen as the future of every community, determined in each generation. People of the same kind, each ones brother’s keepers, responsible, strong and independent individuals, but the reverse is the case in this era of selfishness, dishonoring, blackmail and disruptive behavior.
One major factor that really disturbed is how our youths now engage in a substantial smoking, ranging from the usual cigarette to smoking of weed (Indian hemp), and the likes. And besides, all sort of certain drugs consumption with room for drowsiness, recreating custom purpose for those drugs and syrups which are meant and manufactured to heal under a physician prescription.
This act leads to many different appalling happenings in the past few years and of present, but the most disgusting news is, the proceeding of the act is ever growing to a profound level.
The consumption and smoking of these drugs and syrups which are manufactured for the purpose of healing one’s health at which it is made to, is now entirely something else as the youth now misuse them upside down to a point which even leads in the rise of the drugs and syrups cost in the market.
Only concerned citizens who sell these medicines now conceal them and only sold to the appropriate customer who they believed will not misuse it for the purpose of what youth now bought it for. And the most repulsive thing is that; most of these drugs, especially the syrups are even meant for children. Camels drinking from chickens bowl!
Smoking, drinking, risking self to unprotected sexual activities, stealing from each other apart from an outsider are all attributes of the contemporary youth. Neither creative nor tried to explore the talent in him/her which God has already possesses in them.
It happens in a circle of fifteen friends in a neighborhood, whom all are youths ranging from the age of 19-23years. These friends happen to be each brother’s keepers, devouring themselves to all sorts of things that could score them to success and achievement in the mean time.
Adhering to anything that could result to misunderstanding among each other and always on the track for good in their leisure time. They are known for this substantial attributes throughout the neighborhood.
This could be the most tragic diverse of a union you have ever encounter or heard of. In this case, as the contemporary youth’s engrossment to this unwavering unification radically raptures. I will not fall for this story line because; it always leaves me heart-sick!
Appealing to this kind of situation; how could one think positive when all he does is at drowsiness and his mind is always for drugs and smoking? How could he/she do something to benefit themselves outside when all they do is degrade themselves and reduce the limit of their dignity in the eyes of the public?
Who are the roles of youth’s responsibilities and better being bestowed on? Parents alone or those the government has its role to play at the sentiment? What are the major precautions and ways need to be adopted to revive the culture of the ancient youth?

Salim umar Ibrahim is a freelance writer

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