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Published On: Tue, Jul 24th, 2018

The elusive search for immortality

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Tuesday Column By VICTORIA NGOZI IKEANO | 08033077519

Human beings on earth or rather scientists, have apparently moved from being obsessed with our world coming to an end one day to actually believing that we could live forever in our planet. It started with their toying with the idea like some kind of wishful thinking to now really believing it is a possibility, thanks to advances in science and technology. So much so that a branch of study known as futurology has emerged and a prominent member of this elite class, Dr. Ian Pearson predicts that the mechanism for immortality would be within reach of the rich in our society by 2050, accessible to middle- class income earners by the 2060s and to the others in later years, that is, future generations.
According to UK newspaper MailOnline, Dr. Pearson predicts that by year 2050 humans could outlive the constraints of the physical body. He claims the following: “People born after 1970 should be able to live forever. Genetic engineering could be used to reduce or reverse the ageing of cells. Advances in Artificial Intelligence could lead to android bodies for humans to live in after their own flesh and blood frames have ceased to function. Virtual reality worlds could be created for people to upload their consciousness into once their bodies have failed”. And scientists are corroborating aforementioned possibilities.
One must commend our scientists for the discoveries they have made over the years that have helped human being to overcome some ailments. In all of these we should note that our scientists and others in similar fields are dealing with the physical body only. The physical body is not the human being per se but that which animates it. That which animates the physical body is the human spirit embedded in the body, it is of a finer consistency, let us say ethereal. Now when we dream while asleep, our physical eyes are closed and all the things we see during our dream are with our ethereal eye, the eye of the spirit shall we say.
When conception takes place, a little body begins to develop in the womb. At a certain time in the middle of pregnancy the mother feels the first movements of the baby. That is when the spirit enters the body, to animate it, causing the blood to now begin to circulate, shall we say, giving ‘life’ to the little body growing in the womb. At death too, the departure of the spirit from the body simultaneously brings about the coldness of the physical body and the stoppage of blood circulation – that which animated it has left it.
Now our scientists boast of being able to “create test tube babies”. This is a misnomer. No scientist no matter how accomplished can create a human being. What the scientists are creating are lifeless (physical) bodies in a test tube. And in this they acknowledge their limitations for they have first to take semen from a man and an egg from a woman and fertilise them and endeavour to replicate in a test tube as far as they possibly can, conditions obtainable in a womb for the foetus in the bottle to continue to grow. More importantly, no matter how far developed the ‘baby’ in a test tube or laboratory tube is, it cannot attract a human spirit that can then animate it and give it life – it remains utterly lifeless and useless. And our scientists knowingly or unknowingly acknowledge this by inserting back into a woman’s womb, the little body (foetus) they produced in their labs for it to continue its normal development. In all the diverse forms of artificial conception (for couples who cannot conceive for one reason or other) the body produced therefrom has to be put back into the womb of a full blooded woman. Why? Because only in a woman’s womb with the radiations emanating from her can a ‘bridge’ is formed to enable a human spirit enter the little developing body within her at the appropriate time for its animation and life. Whereas the origin of our outward physical body is here on earth, the human spirit, the core of the physical that walks about in flesh and blood, originates from the Kingdom of the Almighty Creator, GOD Whose Inconceivable Wisdom rules the Worlds. Thus it is that when the physical body is buried at death when the spirit within it departs, after a few weeks it turns into skeleton and bones and much, much later ashes.
Therewith, it is gargantuan presumption for advanced scientists, technologists, futurologists et al to say that the time is coming when “artificial Intelligence could lead to android bodies for humans to live in after their own flesh and blood frames have ceased to function” and that “virtual reality worlds could be created for people to upload their consciousness into once their bodies have failed”. What the most advanced human being, most advanced scientists with their most advanced intellect and artificial intelligence can create is a human-like body that has no mind of its own, radiates nothing and has neither warmth nor life, thus lifeless. They cannot create the least of a living thing, an ant for example.
By the way no human being can CREATE anything, we can only FORM for all the building blocks or better said, everything needed to form/establish whatever we wish has been provided by the Creator from which our scientists take to do all the things they are doing, including establishing/forming technologies which ultimate aim is to facilitate everyday living here in our world. All of us, including our most knowledgeable scientists should acknowledge that we are creatures, not the Creator.

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