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Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2019

The child of a visionary parent

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By Edwin Alivionote

The child is a very vital member of the family who has the potential for impacting society. Many parents view the child as being a child and, do little to nothing about learning to fit the child into society. The girl child will definitely become the mother within the next couple of decades. The African context of the girl child aside her professional life, entrust her with the traditional responsibility to the family. The boy child is more associated to developing self for the role of the head of a family and also the provider of the family economy.
The parent of a girl child is saddled with the responsibility to develop the girl for dual roles. The first role prepares her for self sufficiency which implies the development of a career path which sustains her with the carriage of the feminine dignity. The second role prepares her for motherhood and the roles she owe her own family, who have so much to obtain from her comfort and care. The girl who is to become a woman should understand the making of a home from a house and the making of a meal from food.
The boy should be made to understand the term responsibility and hard work which shall become the banner under which his family will feel the sense of his security. The boy should be taught how to channel his muscles towards fixing up house wares and tending the environment to wear up an appeal that will cause relaxation. Most of all, the boy should be taught the skill of lending support to the females and the younger siblings, this will carve out an attitude for his future home and wean him into becoming a supportive dad.
Being visionary for a parent with regards to the child is to be proactive in child upbringing. The father must team up with the mother of the children to build the future leaders and society moulders, into what society will celebrate. The parents start this visionary journey of making the best out of the child’s grooming by loving the child even with growing weaknesses and limitations. Then, the parents have the duty to fend for the child’s physical needs so as not to create a wanting gap in the child’s life. The social relationship between the parents and the child will bring about the psycho-social development of the child. The child also needs to develop the IQ and the personality. It is note-worthy that the kind of exposure a child has can facilitates these aspects.
Vision of the dynamic society is more obvious to observing parents who could best guide the child to meet up with the reality of the future. The parents are to help the child find more fortune with the choices he/she makes today. The rapport and understanding between the parents and the child will help bring these to bear with fewer hitches and tussle between them. The possibility exists that the child could be more accurate to determining the future as is obtainable in the cases of gifted children with special brilliance and wisdom which you come across scanty in a group of kids.
The ability to guide a child aright and makes him/her a unique being with the tendency to appreciate self in time, shows the result of a parent that have done their parenting job with more accuracy. It is tasking to envisage what is best for the child. Before the age of choice which comes with pre-puberty, the parents will have to take major decision for the child which might be to the detriment of the child as he/she grows. The onus lies on parents to be very considerate of every child and make concerted effort to understanding the relevance and latent potential of the child within the parameters of what can be perceived as the child plays, talks and express self.

Edwin Alivionote is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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