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Published On: Tue, Feb 20th, 2018

The bitter truth

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By Abdullahi Garba Ramat

Hausa land has become backward simply because we allow culture and tradition to hold us back, our inability to differentiate between religion and culture and to answer these questions as pointed by Adamu Tilde: “what is the essence and limits of religion and traditional beliefs? Where does fate end and freewill begins? What is the relationship between faith and reason? What also is the relationship between reason and revelation? What is Science, and what does it seek to achieve? To the religious audience, What is knowledge? What or who is the Ultimate source of Knowledge?” All these has contributed a lot to our drawback.
We lock up 60% of our population in the name of purdah and complain about southern males delivering our women of babies in the hospitals. Ask how many female gynaecologists Kano has and its ratio to the population of the state and you will weep for our attitude to girl-child education. Our wasping attitude towards western education is what led us to have the largest number of children outside the four walls of primary classrooms.
Almajiri is a social disease and a disgrace to Kano people. We have the largest number of destitutes than any state in Nigeria whose number skyrocketed from about 2millions to more than 3millions this year as said by the state Governor himself. Spot an Igbo boy on any traffic light and you will see he is trying to sell something. Spot a Hausaboy he is begging for food or alms. Even the adults are not left behinds. We reject music but travel south to hire musicians to grace our weddings. Because of our rejection of modernity we are fast losing our music. The Dankwairos,Danmarayas,Haruna Ojis and Shatas had left without replacement. Today there is no musician worth his name from Kano except few praise singers.
We reject movies but have satellite receivers to watch those films made outside our land and delivered to our bedrooms.Tell me one Cleric without a TV set and satellite in Kano. The state has dozens cinemas all showing movies made outside Hausa land which we pay to watch, while the government collects taxes. Hypocritical Kano with its jaundiced is running in circle without progress.
That was how they shot down polio immunization program and Kano continued to produce cripples and export them to south as beggars. Imagine a movie village complete with academy, hotels, cinemas and shopping malls gone in smoke because of our aversion to modernity and progress. We want to be like Arabs forgetting that Arabs have enough wealth to afford being lazy.
Saudi is the birth place of Islam and prophet Muhammad. It is an Islamic country with 99% Muslim population,a sunni nation. Iran is an Islamic republic with 99% muslim population and adopts Quran as its constitution. It is a Shia nation. The two nations make up the largest and most popular sects in Islam. I am drawing this examples for people to learn.
Iran despite its oil wealth is an industrial and creative society,it produces planes and locomotives. Saudi Arabia is 100,000 times richer and more advanced than Hausaland sitting on one of the largest oil reserves in the world. Hausas have nothing. We should either be creatively planning, productive or perish in poverty whichever ‘p’ we so choose is up to us…..
May Allah in his infinite mercy, capacity and capability let us see the truth and give us ability to make use of it no matter what.

Engr. Abdullahi Garba Ramat, a Lecturer from kano is a public policy analyst.

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