The bigotry, deceit and illegalities in anti-open grazing bill (3)

FRIDAY Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice-Steve Jobs

It is categorical and beyond dispute, that IG Idris blamed the governors of Benue and Taraba for the illegal anti-grazing law over herdsmen-farmers crisis. These twosome remind me of the unreasonable South Sudan warlords and the clueless animists. When one critically looks at the pictures of the governors of Benue and Taraba, that of Ortom’s in particular has striking similarities in all of their ramifications with the South Sudan war-lord, John Garang. Today, after the bigotry and treasonable acts against the Muslim Sudan, they got their independence and the country south Sudan unfortunately is a banana republic. The clueless Ortom, Dariye and Fayose, cannot pay their workers salaries. If they have not looted it, where is it? Why in 3 out of 4 years in power despite that the fair minded Buhari they are disrespecting gave them bailout funds to pay their workers salaries and pensions, they still are prevaricating? Between Buhari and the three clueless jokers who is a friend and a patriot? If they could render their own so-called kith and kin in financial distress, what of the herders and any Muslims they love to hate? The treacherous southern press and middle belt, out of bigotry and religious intolerence and deceit will not give credit where it is due.
Head or tail these governors with clannish world view and narrow-minded tribal and religious jingoism cannot govern a state. For they lack any sense of justice, like the South Sudan animists and bigots. How can they govern diverse cultures? If they control the oil and gas money like Jonathan did, again they will tell their allies that stealing is not corruption. Just let him test power as President of Nigeria, he will behave like Fir’Auna (Pharaoh) to attempt to roast the Muslims around him as the Pharaoh and Hitler roasted the Jews.
It is instructive that on the one hand, Ortom categorically stated that “we do not have land for farmers and herders”. On the other, he contradicts himself that the illegal “law” is not targeted at anyone. We ask Ortom and Darius whether Benue or Taraba states are two football fields that cannot accommodate herders? Furthermore, is Benue the land of Tivs and or Taraba to the exclusion of the Hausa-Fulani? If one takes a census, the Taraba Fulani and Muslims are more than the whole Christians in Kaduna. Even in the Antartica with the snow all year round, there are animals and not farmers. All over the world one will find animals in the desert with herders and no farmers. So the value of animal husbandry surpasses that of the farmers on a global basis.
The display of the coffins by the southern newspapers in their front pages of the so-called 73 Tiv is a fraud. Why did these bigots in the southern and middle belt media become callously indifferent to the genocide and barbarism perpetrated by the Taraba militia in the Mambila. Are the Muslims in Mambilla insects to be killed just like that by militia formed by Ortom and Darius? The barbaric act where the butchering mercilessly of 800 Fulani including men, women, children, babies, the old, disabled and handicapped did not touch the hearts of the southern journalists, clergy and responsible people in the south. So the enemity is deep and the hatred manifest. If Ortom becomes a mad dog over the death of 73 Tivs, then we should ask for the head of any one that is involved directly or indirectly in the Mambilla genocide even if it takes 100 years, unless of course justice is done and seen to be done.
Let the southern mad dogs and barbarians publishing and encouraging genocide in the print and electronic media note. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. The lack of show of mercy that is absent in the hearts of the anti herdsmen has confirmed the content of the Okar coup announcement broadcast to the nation in April 1990. The Hausa-Fulani is an endangered son of Prophet Adam. The Mambilla massacre and the indifference by the Okar apologists and the media twist like when the late Bola Ige branded the Hausa-Fulani as “Tutsi” (nemesis caught up with him when he was silenced during the Obasanjo regime to “please” Washington) and terrorism that especially the treacherous south west media orchestrate in their fake news.
The terrorism in Mambilla and on herdsmen is unacceptable and we have no other say than that we have to be careful in this contraption called Nigeria. With respect to the farce and the deceitful display of “73 dead coffins” to justify the John Garang type of mentality by Ortom and ilk, the bigotry is leading Benue and the politics of war lord Ortom to the abyss. Those who are treacherous will live to regret. If it is the desire of a section of the media to whip sentiments, the families of the 800 Muslim victims will never forgive them. The Creator who created heavens and the earth, has not given a license to anybody to commit jungle justice and expect to walk on the street of Benue, Taraba and Lagos a free man. Nobody can commit genocide and get away with it. One can run but cannot hide.
Personally, I hate those who display such fraudlent coffins of Tiv in the front pages of their papers to score the John Garang type agenda after Okar, the Tiv, diabolical coup speeches. We will never forgive anyone associated with it.
Those who are unjust will die in disgrace. Let the Obasanjo-IBB coalition with their stooges in the class of Lamido and notorious sons, Bafarawa’s, Fayose’s and the PDP caught in the looting act repent and avoid siding with the unjust. The common denominator between Obasanjo/IBB coalitions is to destroy Nigeria and serve their masters in Washington. They will be disgraced by voters come 2019 as it happened in 2015. Justice is with the oppressed Nigerians.
IG Idris has confirmed what any sensible person knows, that the clueless anti-open grazing law by Taraba and Benue is illegal. The two are just playing tribal and religious politics. If there is a religious war, tell me who is safe? Politics is not madness. The law is a violation of the rights of herders that are indigenes of Taraba and Benue states and Nigerian constitution which guarantees’ them the right to live in Benue and Taraba just like Ortom and Darius and most of the animist legislators and tribal jingoist. The Muslims they brand as Hausa-Fulani lived in virtually all parts of Nigeria over 300 years ago. They built settlements and economic prosperity through farming and herding and trade. These are manifest more especially all over Taraba, Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa among others and brought civilizations to them.

Why do they have Hausa as a common language among the myriads of ethnic tribes just like English to Nigerians? That Hausa and in some places Fulani is the uniting language could not be wished away as English in Nigeria. Where in the world does a country say they have only land for farmers? The laws are acts of mischief and targeted to destroy and are deliberately aimed at destroying the economic base of Hausa-Fulani and the animists will add no value since they want the youth to drink burukutu and pursue delinquency. That is why the numbers indicate a high preponderance of AIDS/HIV in these animist Christian enclaves. The other disaster and anti-Christ behaviuor which they wish to contaminate others is the nudist culture and the socially engineered moral decay of the West that have thrown Christianity for materialism. The Nigerian Christian is mixing his primitive idols worships with the western culture which is not Christianity as a new version of a way of life.
In conclusion, it is a fact that the manifestations of all these cantankerous behaviuor and blackmail on Buhari government and the bad press and contriving genocide have only one reason. The reason is that corrupt elements have concluded that Buhari has zero tolerance for looters. They are not only prevented from stealing more but must account for the looted funds. In addition the Buhari who imprisoned the leprous god-fathers in 1985 has not changed and that much they know. Further, he is raising their blood pressure and blood sugar for going off-shore to ask governments to freeze ill-gotten wealth and arrest money-laundering.
The BVN and TSA to a reasonable degree are checkmating direct stealing. If any, the scientific corruption is perhaps the available window. Under sane society, such will go down well with the citizens. Unfortunately, the Nigerian corrupt ruling classes are battle ready to reverse the tough position of Buhari. Most of the APC are something else. The secular Muslims and Christian animists, including the bigotry press and CAN, if they are not fake they will be happy since Buhari‘s stand is consistent with the Qur’an and the Bible they pretend to believe. With so many diabolical animists and pretenders in Nigeria, their god is money.
Man must come to terms with the fact that, Allah the Creator and True Creator of the heavens and the earth and all between including man and living creatures and plants is just. He does not like injustice and will help, guide and protect the just. So let Buhari or anyone with similar mindset insist on justice and leave the unjust to their waterloo.

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