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Published On: Sun, Sep 28th, 2014

The $9.3m palaver, Oritsejafor and Nigerian Christians

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National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo OritsejaforBy Bitrus Gwadah

Regarding the above subject matter, the following facts have since been established. An aircraft owned by one Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the current President of the Christian Association of Nigeria ( or what is left of it), flew into the Republic of South Africa and landed in one of its private airports. aircraft had three passengers, and upon a search, was found to be carrying, inter alia, the sum of $9.3million in cash.

The cash was not declared either in Nigeria or upon landing in South Africa in violation of the local laws of both Nigeria and South Africa, and international laws and conventions. Accordingly, the South African authorities arrested the vessel and detained both the illicit cargo and the suspicious passengers. When questions were raised by the South African authorities and Nigerians:

Pastor Oritsejafor, through his PR wizards has admitted ownership of the aircraft, but denies all knowledge of its cargo, it’s passengers and it’s mission in South Africa. He claims that the aircraft was leased to a company in which he ( Pastor AYO ORITSEJAFOR) owns substantial shares, and the aircraft had then been subsequently hired by those found in it in South Africa.

The Federal Government of Nigeria then stepped in to fill in the blanks. It says the aircraft was on a mission to purchase arms and military equipment to enhance the prosecution of the war against the Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria. The FGN further named the organization in South Africa who had the supply contract, and to whom the $9.3million was being delivered. The FGN affirmed that the $9.3million belongs to the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. he South African authorities then disclosed that the named vendor/ contractor was neither known nor licensed to deal in the equipment the Nigerian Government was talking about. On his part, Pastor Oritsejafor continues to play Ananias. The CAN leadership and members continue to play the proverbial monkey.

While the elephants dig deeper into their positions, the matter is having a field day in the Peoples Court.

Many less informed Muslims have since come to the conclusion that this is what they have suspected all along: these Christians have been amassing arms to kill Muslims. Like, “haba. We have been telling you all this time and you will not believe. Now nko?” The Catholic community have rushed to an established alibi – we suspended our participatory membership of CAN SINCE THE imposition of Pastor Oritsejafor. But Bishop Kaigama helped the matter somewhat by adding that Pastor AYO was not acting on behalf of Nigerian Christians.

A certain ubiquitous group of CHRISTIAN/MUSLIM Initiative has since surfaced, in defense of “THE PASTOR AYO ORITSEJAFOR WE KNOW.” The “knowledge” was attested to by two ALHAJIS and one USTAZ. ( my friends who are exemplary Muslims were very embarrassed by the content of the paid advert). Is there anything our Nigerians will not sell for money? Senators shot down debate on the matter, citing security concerns, amid allegations of bribes having been given and taken. Other Nigerians have called for a probe of the entire saga.

While I appreciate the concern of those calling for a probe, I should ask them to point out how many probes ordered by Governments in this country have ever been published or the results acted upon. In this case the FGN will more than welcome the idea of a probe, because it saves both time and face.

I do not support a probe. Instead, I will like to directly appeal to the Nigerian Christian community, those who understand what it means to be “CALLED BY HIS NAME”, to act. First, let us together reflect, very briefly on the facts. Pastor AYO ORITSEJAFOR  HAS LIED. His CAN image launderers have lied. There is no Christian worthy of that name that can sincerely defend Pastor AYO on what the facts reveal. Christians, remember what the Ananias couple told the disciples and the instant consequences that befell the couple. Our lord says in the Bible …”i am against those … who cause my people to err by their lies and by their recklessness”.

In the book of Jeremiah, God set out the following characteristics of the kind of leaders He would replace andthen punish: “Leaders who destroy their people instead of developing them. Leaders who scatter their people instead of uniting them in a cause.Leaders who abandon their people instead of remaining responsible.Leaders who act in self-serving and unjust ways instead of standing for the truth.Leaders who lie as though there was no God.

Leaders who lead their people astray instead of guiding them into security.Leaders who foster evil and deceit instead of integrity and honesty.Leaders who fill people with false hope rather than speaking God’s word.”

God didn’t merely threaten to remove bad leaders, but he also promised to raise righteous leaders to guide the people in the right way. So, Nigerian Christian leaders, how about it? Those so called elder statesmen who are Christians, those political leaders who profess to represent Christ, but who have maintained a deafening silence should accept the challenge and speak up. Judgement should begin in the house of the Lord. Where are the Jerry Ganas and the Okos and the Danjumas and the Marks?

Ask the Venerable Pastor AYO ORITSEJAFOR, IN THE NAME OF THE ONE WHO WILL JUDGE US ALL, TO RESIGN his position as President of CAN, so that this useful organization can rediscover its objects and ideals for the good of Nigerians. His congregation can keep him if they so desire, but other members of can, on the authority of the word of god, do not want him as president.  Nigerians are watching, the world is watching. Have we not been laughing stock long enough?  In the matter of the $9.3million and Pastor AYO ORITSEJAFOR, the ball is in the Court of Nigerian Christians. What would be the verdict?

Bitrus Gwadah via

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