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Published On: Tue, Dec 8th, 2020

That Child Nigeria Abandoned!

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By Ismail Misbahu

The child is the greatest potential Nigeria ever has. He’s the youth who constitutes the greater percentage of her population, about 70% aged between 25-35yrs. He’s the country’s greatest and best ever productive labour force. He constitutes a reasonable percentage that makes up the 37% of African youth population. Yet this youth has not been so productive. it’s alarming that the misuse of this youth has stumbled the feet of the nation. Now this latter percentage has a multiplier turn out, with about 60% unemployed youths continent-wide!
All that ensues the senseless killings, kidnapping and dastardly attacks of the innocent poor, has been the result of the unflattering portrait of the Nigerian youths, enfeebled and disabled, abandoned and made desperate and hopeless!
From the kick-up of the Islamic splinter group in 2002 — a non-organized, and hardly any coherent ideologically terrorist group called Book Haram, to its violent acts of terror especially since 2009 and to its ‘inclusion’ of criminal syndicates and gangs who adopted ‘its’ name, the narration has remained one and for real, to all, and for the nation. Beyond a mere narration, it’s a fact most telling that social insecurity and the general deprivation of the socio-economic wellbeing of Nigerians, with such vices as grave inequality, abject poverty, increasing unemployment etc, are at the core of the increasing violent extremism in the country.
It’s the Nigerian saying that “the labour of children is known to the mother”. Yet the same mother failed to labour its child. The child that was made to born a terror! The child that she mentally and psychologically disabled, exploited and manipulated. The child whose youtfullness is no longer useful to his ‘motherly nation’ but to the god-damn mothers of the ‘black empire’ — the heroes of darkness! Tellingly, that mother now carries the child that bites its back and barks behind — he’s the child she refused to nurse, instead abandoned to suffer and got deserted.
The nation’s evil mothers, beyond any reasonable doubt, know this quite well. Through prevarications, the CIA and its United States Africa Command are telling the nation’s future consequences. They knew it well, very well that even the United State Ambassador, Terence P. McCulley and his US mission-servng colleague, the Commander of the USAC, General Carter F. Ham, had to draw the same conclusion. As they opined, “Nigeria needs to address the question of socio-economic deprivation which is most severe in the north.” Yet the deaf ear as it says, ‘that refuses to listen and follow by blessings, would surely follow by death.’ So to the nation with all the flinching shocks that followed by the many self-inflicting gory tragedies!
The Nigerian child has never been a weaning baby that’s known to born with laudest cry. He cries though, and decries, but still dies on his mother’s back! He’s sold and commercially terrorized. The lawlessness of his country has given him a stamp of approval to proceed with killings without fear of deterrence. He’s the employee to those who sold their lives to profit from anything bad as horrific, and a ghost to those who consume victim and refused to sacrifice their lives for anything good as peace.
He’s the nomadic ‘herder’ whose profession Worths nothing good for the nation. Who, instead of commercializing and profiting from his seemingly ‘annoying’ herding, yet got beating by ‘city boys’ and police mobs! He has become helpless and made to suffer from extra-judicial punishment. He becomes the victim of psychological terror and a detriment to social policies. He’s the bandit, the rapist and murderer! He’s the farm destroyer, the farming village killer, the horror of Zabarmari!
At one instance, he’s the prison breaker, the victim of selective criminal justice. He’s the reactionist of the country’s lawlessness and impunity who chose to break, rather than staying years of unjust custody in prison! He’s the Onaruje Benjamin whose response to the #EndSars impunity saw the breaking-up of the Benin City Correctional Centre at Oko. Along with four or five others, he formed a new criminal gang and eventually returned to their old criminal enterprise. He’s the weapons career of AK47 and AK49 rifles, a Beretta pistol with 6 rounds of live amunitions and anti-tracking devices. While he’s the car theft master, Alhaji Hudu Musa is in charge of ferrying and disposing the stolen weapons and vehicles to neighbouring Niger Republic!
Not only had the Onaruje Benjamin got the signatory of Alhaji Hudu Musa but also had a criminal female signatory! She’s the 49yrs old Talatu Ibrahim — an indigene of Shinkafi Local Government Area of Zamfara state. She’s the weapon career and a supplier. She reportedly supplies to a criminal bandit and a killer, the one Duleji Alhaji Abubakar a.k.a Ori jeje residing at Ekka village, Koro LGA, Kwara State. The criminal act has cut across ethnic, regional or even religious boundaries. It’s a response to the nation’s leadership failure — better pronounced!
In another angle, the child Nigeria abandoned has become the notorious drug dealer and object of abuse. He’s the unemployed youth who seeks job opportunity through crime and terror. He’s the victim of a bad culture that has already been signalled by his terror role-models and emerging peers. They’re the weak poor, the scurrilous gossipers — wicked informers.
The unflinching Nigerian youth who strived to remain loyal to his less careful, or rather completely careless mother, has now reduced to mere armless rogue on the streets. Yet, soon to become armed, and join the notorious terror groups or the brazen mobile bandits. He’s the jobless street boy, a hapless poor. He’s the ‘Almajiri’ — the beggar, who suffers from a complete parental “disown” and becomes a societal liability. He’s the evil “recruit” deployed to unleash terror, and the CIA firewood that sets to kindle the flames of violence.
In the enclosed quarters, that abandoned child is the innocent’s kinsman, the victim of a great deal of heartache. He’s the smiling neighbor, a partner that greets with a smiling teeth. The teeth that though are smiling, but never tell his heart! He’s the pseudonym Danjuma, a man from Katsina. He’s the victim of his marriage partner, the pseudonym Jummai, a fickle conniver. She chose to have been “kidnapped”, yet her conspired set-up ended in shame! The shame that kidnapped her marital harmony. The shame that kidnapped her fidelity. She divorced herself and ran away to Abeokuta!
Who is a brother now? Of course he’s a someone in the cartoon of terror. He’s a brother in the fickle world of horrific mysteries. A brother who chooses to connive and submit his younger female sister for ransom! ‘Interestingly’, as in the Chinese irony of curse, he becomes the victim of another kidnapper who’s also looking for money to pay ransom to his kidnapped daughter! The story remains one and the same, the merry-go-round of callousness. No wonder the Sultan says ‘no Nigerian is safe everywhere in the country’!
This is the fault that ensued. How much is it costing the nation now to pay back the abandoned child? How long will it take the nation to pay in pieces rather than in peace? The Oga has provided the answer right on his verified Facebook page! He’s the Oga in khaki who tested the nuances and vetted the jargons of the killer’s theory! He prevaricated that “terrorism may persist in Nigeria for another 20 years.” God, our Lord, don’t answer this prayer, and forgive us all.
Ismail Misbahu could be reached
Of course “that which you do not need will kill you”! The child Nigeria abandoned is killing the nation!

Ismail Misbahu could be reached

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