Ten discoveries from the murder of Gen Alkali

Guest Columnist By Nurudeen Dauda

Every responsible Nigerian irrespective of his religion or ethnic group will ask for nothing short of Justice! Justice! And Justice for the late General Alkali. Also, every responsible Nigerian should and or must have the courage to condemn the act.
Had it been the Dura Du people including their chickens were rounded up and killed by the Army as did to the people of Zaki-Biam of Benue state in 2001 and Odi in Beyelsa state in 1999, the world would not have known the followings:
(1) It was discovered that, Mrs Rebecca Gyang who led about 500 women in black clothes with some of them half-naked to protest against the evacuation of water from Dura Du old mining pond on the allegation that, its evacuation will cause calamity of mysterious deaths and other misfortunes for their communities is said to be the wife of Pam Gyang Dung, the Mai Unguwa of Latiya in Du.(Daily Trust, November 5,2018).
(2) It was discovered that soon after Gen. Alkali’s vehicle was found in Du mining pond, the leaders of the community set up a 10-man committee to relocate his corpse from the shallow grave he was initially buried in “No man’s land” a kilometer away from the main road in order to cover up the crime – (Gen. Akinroluyo, Daily Trust, October 27, 2018).
(3) It was discovered that, a specialist was contracted by the community in order to exhume the corpse to “somewhere else so as to frustrate investigation – (Gen. Akinroluyo, Daily Trust, October 27, 2018).
(4) It was discovered that, the corpse was relocated to an abandoned Well at Guchet Village in Shen District of Jos South LG., about 10 kilometres away from Dura Du community in order to cover up of the crime. (Daily Trust, November 1, 2018).
(5) It was discovered that, his body was stuffed in a sack laden with stones and dumped in narrow deep well.(Daily Trust, November 10,2018).
(6) It was discovered that, Alh. Lawal Isa, a land agent, who went missing in Du District in 2013 is the owner of the Red Rover found in Du pond with Bauchi Reg. No. AG645TRR. He was said to be tricked by one Da Chuwang, the Village Head of Du to visit the area on the pretense that they wanted to buy land from him.( Daily Trust, October 28, 2019).
(7) It was discovered that, Gen. Alkali’s and two other cars were found in the pond before the temporary stoppage of its evacuation . (Daily Trust, October 28,2018).
(8) It was discovered that the act of waylaying travellers in Dura Du District had at least lasted for 5 years (2013-2018).(Daily Trust, November 3, 2018).
(9) It was discovered that, though the crime was committed by few people , but It was fully supported and concealed by the entire community -(Daily Trust, October 27,2018).
(10) It was discovered that, Mr. Yakubu Rap, the District Head of Dura Du was among the eight people suspected to have participated in the murder of Gen. Alkali.(Daily Trust, October 28, 2018).

However, criminals could be found among every ethnic group, but silence of elders does not speak well. Permit me to ask the following questions :
(1) Why is it that, the Paramount ruler of Berom, Gbong Gwom Jos who is from Du District is yet to condemn the killing of Gen. Alkali? (2) Why is it that, Senator David Jonah Jang who is from Du District is yet to condemn the killing? (3) Why is it that, the Member Representing Jos South Federal Constituency is yet to condemn the killing?(4) Why is it that, the member state House of Assembly, Jos South is yet to condemn the killing? And (5) Why is it that, the Chairman Jos South Local Government is yet to condemn the killing?
However, permit me to acknowledge the condolence visit of the Governor of Plateau state, Governor Simon Bako Lalong to the Chief of Army Staff.
Let’s go beyond only seeking for the prosecution of Gen. Alkali’s murderers. Let’s thoroughly investigate the suspects to find out whether we could discover other ponds elsewhere. Let’s find out who are their sponsors?
We salute the Army for its professional conduct.
May God bless Nigeria!
Dauda is reachable on emails: nurudeendauda24@gmail.com, nurudeendauda24@yahoo.com

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