Taskforce to sustain clampdown on illegal car marts in Abuja

By Stanley Onyekwere

The FCT Administration has reiterated commitment to sustain removal of illegal car marts along corridors of major roads in Abuja, the nation’s capital city, so as to ensure seamless vehicular traffic outlook.
Officials drawn From the FCT Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS), Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), Development Control Department, Parks and Recreation department and Security Services Department accompanied by security operatives had commenced intensive clampdown on notorious illegal car marts within the city.
According to the leader of the joint Taskforce, Wadata Aliyu Bodinga, DRTS is working all the FCTA relevant departments and security agencies to rid the city of impediments to traffic in the Territory.
Bodinga, who is also the Director of DRTS, said the removal exercise followed the expiration of a vacation directive to the illegal car marts dealers in the city.
He noted that there were substantial compliance in some spots, where hitherto more than three hundred vehicles littered on the corridors of the highway.
He however appealed to defaulters that the Taskforce is yet to visit their areas to equally remove the vehicles on their own volition. Let them remove their vehicles, warning that the refusal to comply with the FCTA order especially on the issue of illegal car marts will attract wrath of the law enforcement officers.
“This exercise is a continuous one , as we are going to continue to monitor these areas, any vehicle that is impounded will through the mobile court. We must make sure that this time around, people don’t get away with this kind of acts.
“The assignment is still in progress are taking the compounded cars to our facility in Wuye District, and we going to arraign in mobile court.
“ It’s no more business as usual because most of these carmarts had been removed in the past, but they just decided to come back. And this time around, we will be available to monitor them, and ensure that people don’t come back to those spots.
“At the moment they have Kubwa road, and we agreed that even though that one too is a temporary arrangement, the FCTA has given the concession that they can go there to do their business”, he stressed.
Similarly, Chairman, FCT Traffic management Taskteam, Comrade Attah Ikharo, decried the situation where cars littered along the roads in the city centre paints Abuja in a very bad light.
“Vehicles are parked on the pedestrian walkways, and people who are supposed use the facility will now be forced to walk on the main carriage way thereby impeding vehicular traffic.
“The walkways have been turned into car parks, which in contravention with planning principles. And when all these are cleared people can easily move very freely”, he stated.

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