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Published On: Fri, Nov 14th, 2014

Tambuwal and the politics of defection

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By Muhammad Abdullahi.

Decamping from one political party to the other has become common among Nigerian politicians. If a politician feels offended by his party or wants to achieve something else he desires and feels that he cannot obtain it from his party, he will therefore make no hesitation in decamping to another political party where he thinks that his goal can be fulfilled. Thereby attributing it to their constitutional rights which states that one can belong to any party of his choice, as such committing no offence. Is this constitutional right being observed or respected?

On 27th October, 2014 AminuWaziriTambuwal speaker of the House of Representatives, announces his decamping from his former party Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the opposition party All Progressive Congress (APC) either for his desire to contest for a governor in his home state or for other reason. For whatever reason, it is his constitutional right which needs not to be tempered. But today in my country, the reverse was the case as his action results to the withdrawal of his security by the federal government. The question here is: is that what democracy entails? Is it a new rule of democracy imposed by federal government? Where is the rule of law?

Recently former governor of Kano state Malam Ibrahim Shekarau decamped to People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from the opposition party All Progressive Congress (APC), but he was appointed as minister of education and security were attached to him as well. This benefit was given to him simply because he decamped to PDP. But at the same time, when Chief ChibukeRotimiAmaechi the governor of Rivers state decamped from PDP to APC, he was shunned by the security agencies to even at a he was stopped from going to the government house. Also when former governor of Adamawa state MurtalaNyako decamped from PDP to APC, he was faced with serious challenges from the PDP lead federal government which alas cost him seat as adamawa state governor where he and his former deputy BalaNglari were both impeached, although a federal high court later restore MrNglari as the gorvernor of Adamawa state.

One need to know the answer to questions like this: Why didn’t they impeach him when he was in PDP? Is it that until when one is in PDP before he will be entitle to his rights enshrined by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria or to even be regarded as a citizen? When MamudaAliyuShinkafi former governor of Zamfara state decamped from his party ANPP to PDP and still remain the incumbent governor of the state, why didn’t PDP ask him to unseat the governorship seat and give ANPP room to bring another person from their party to occupy the governor seat since Shinkafi did not became governor in PDP? Is ANPP not party of equal right? Or where is the rule of law?

Here is Tambuwal being threatened of his seat as a speaker and his life is devalued simply because he left PDP in order to exercise his political right as enshrined by the constitution of the land. This is violation of democracy which may crippled it survival in our dear country Nigeria, looking at the fact that democracy is just fifteen years old in Nigeria. However, this action if it continues will only bread political instability and perfects social unrest looking at the level of insecurity in the country. Are that how our country will remain yet claiming democracy? Is that how Nigeria was during first and second republic after independence? This clearly shows to every reasonable Nigerian that if one did not belong to PDP, there is a great tendency that one will not be able to enjoy his fundamental human rights enshrined by United Nation human rights declaration and by the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, if you are not a PDP member you cannot exercise your democratic right. Down to the common man on the street, it will one day mean that if one is not in support of PDP will not be entitle to good health services in his own mother-land, he will not receive good education, his security conscious will not be guaranteed thereby his life will be in question.

Therefore, those on authority should look into the matter; provide solution and a conducive atmosphere for democracy to reign in our dear Nigeria as well as peaceful coexistence among the citizens across the various geopolitical zones in Nigeria, So that our dear nation will be a role model to other African countries and the world at large.

Muhammad Abdullahi is a level 400 student of mass communication Bayero University, Kano


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