Southern Kaduna: The Sule Lamido Solution Can Work!

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  1. Really, it may work.but when you know the kind of people that need peace and progress for imminently, if you know the hatred and selfishness of southern-kaduna tribes,especially,Atyap tribe,they does not know or pray for something called peace.if get back to all crises records in Kaduna state,they causes it knowingly.and at last pay for it.if not because,of local and ordinary mentality of these tribes you must need somebody to developed your locality. When you travel to Kano you will see Igbos and Yoruba’s owning business places,and they are leaving peacefully,nobody harass or abuse them. If you travel to Lagos the samething hausas and other tribes live and work their in harmony,and in river state the same thing,also this practices is happening all over state and globally as a whole. But when you come to Kaduna state and reach southern part of it you will start hearing some people abusive language against hausa and Fulanis,e.g.settlers or some words that use abusively.and historically, all southern Kaduna people were strangers, all of them came from neighboring state, example jaba are originally from Kano, and adara from taraba also atyap were originally from central Africa.the fulanis from katsina and bauchi, While hausas from northern part of Kaduna and Kano.and most of the majors town in this area was formed by Hausa and fulani.example; kafanchan,kachia,zankuwa,kagarko,Jere,and unguwar-rimi which is now called ungwar rimi bajju.the real and main problems with this southern-kaduna people is hateness and enmity without reasons and good thinking of progress in this life and hereafter,and there brains was brainwashed to hate others.and surprisingly, the majority of them were christian by saying not in realities,why I said so? The true teaching of Christianity no hateness,enmity,rather than talking of killings.and lastly, our state Kaduna state need any body that would bring progress and development,talkless of where he come from.and we need each other for the progress and development of our state.nobody will come from his own state and bring peace to your state excerpt you.let us live together and Celebrates one another to make our state great again

    1. Yusuf AdamuYour Name... says:

      This is a true talk

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