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Published On: Fri, Oct 4th, 2019

SON enlightens on safe use of tryes

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By Miriam Humbe

The Standards Organization of Nigeria, (SON), has said that it has continued to embark on sensitization campaigns for the safe use of tyres as this has the capacity to save the lives and property of Nigerians.
SON’s Director of Operations, Mr. Dauda Yakubu who revealed this in an interview to Peoples Daily said: “If you pick tyre, you will see some codes such as AS or TS, or you may just see P. All those ones are telling you, this is the application. If you see P, it is passenger or commercial car. If you see LT, it is for light truck. HT is mainly for SUV cars. They are for highways and rough terrain. Tokunbo tyres are substandard tyres. We don’t allow that. If you look at this, P215, this is telling you the width of that tyre on the ground. /165 tells you the height of the tyre from the ground. R15, R16 etc, is telling you rim 15 or 16 respectively.
“In each of the sectors, we create awareness on the dangers of patronising substandard products. Some few weeks ago, we did that of tyres for automobiles. You may see a tyre looks new, but you won’t know that it is about expiring. Most people don’t know that tyres do expire. We have gone even to the dealers, traders, to tell them, look, if you are to buy tyres, look at the code. When you see four figures there, this is what it means.
“We decode it for you. If you see 0414, its telling you that the type was prodiced in the 4th week of 2014. If you see it labelled 27 or 3617, its telling you that tyre was produced in the 36th week of 2017. This we tell them so that it guides them on when the tyre will expire. On the tyre again, it has some marking that will guide you on the pressure that you put on that tyre. Each type produced has its own rated capacity. It has its own maximum speed limit indicated there. If you are not taught you will not know.
“It also has the maximum weight it can contain. If you are not taught, you will see the same tyre but it is not meant for the same purpose. Example, this cuts across from vulcanizers to the man selling, to transporters, NURTW, the owners and everybody. It involves everybody that cuts across to the value chain of tyre. We held this in Kano, North/East region. Other government agencies are interested in tyre. It’s not only SON. By law, Vehicle Inspection Service is interested in tyre. FRSC has interest in tyre.
“ By law, the Nigeria police too. Now, we try to qualify what is product, standard, substandard product and other things. We now go to consumer rights. The consumer has the right of information. Any product you pick, you need to know the brand. It must be stated. You need to get the manufacturer’s name and address must be indicated there. Apart from these informations, it must include the ingredients.
“ That is why even water, we insist on the ingredients being placed on the label to show the consumer, this is what it contains. They have to also indicate the storage conditions and you look at the clear contents, how many mls it contains, they mark it also, then batch number. For electrical products, apart from these, it must have manual and warranty. Based on our laws, any electrical products, the minimum guarantee is six months. If you buy anything, if not for wrong application, if it gets faulty, once it is less than six months, you have to write and seek redress. And you must be attended to.”

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