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Published On: Fri, Dec 6th, 2019

SON alerts on expired LPG cylinders in line with NIS 69:2013

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By Miriam Humbe

Management of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has said its attention has recently been drawn to some ‘wrong information’ being circulated on the social media on “how to identify expired Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders “.
In a statement, SON the wrong information alluded to LPG Cylinders expiration as being designated on quarterly basis, using alphabets and year.
It said: “In Nigeria, expiration dates of LPG Steel Cylinders are not designated on quarterly basis with alphabets and year. The Standards Organisation of Nigeria wishes to guide the General Public on LPG Steel Cylinders as provided for in the Nigerian Industrial StandardNIS 63:2013 as follows;
“That LPG Steel Cylinders life span differs from country to country in accordance with the relevant National Standards.The Nigeria National Standard for LPG Steel Cylinders NIS 69:2013 specifies a life span of fifteen (15) years.
“All LPG Steel Cylinders locally manufactured or imported into the country must carry manufacturer’s brand name, country of origin, test pressure, tare weight, SON Product registration number with prefix FA and year of manufacture as minimum marking requirements embossed on the cylinders for all imported LPG Steel Cylinders while locally manufactured ones will carry MANCAP Logo and number in addition (see NIS 69:2013 for details).
“All LPG Steel Cylinders in Nigeria are to be requalified every five years from the date of manufacture.The marking information can be found on the shroud (handle) or foot ring (stand/base) of the LPG Cylinders.
“To determine the expiration date of your LPG Cylinder, the simple formula below will guide you:
“Expiration date of LPG Cylinder = Year of manufacture + Life span of LPG Cylinder.
“For example: Life span of LPG Cylinder in Nigeria is 15 years. If year of manufacture embossed on the cylinder is 2006, expiration date of the LPG Cylinder will therefore be – 2006 + 15 = 2021.
“Expired LPG Cylinders are to be withdrawn from circulation for recycling.
Nigerians should please look out for the minimum marking requirements when purchasing LPG Steel Cylinders.
They are:
“Manufacturer’s brand name, Country of origin, Tare weight, Test Pressure, SON Product registration number/MANCAP Logo and number/year of manufacture.
“All the above are mandatory requirements of the Nigeria Industrial Standard NIS 63:2013. -LPG Steel Cylinder LPG Cylinder Shroud LPG Cylinder Foot Ring”.

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